A crook from Singapore received 34 years in prison for illegal mining cryptocurrency

29-year-old Ho Jun Jia — also known as Matthew Ho was sentenced to prison for 34 years for stealing resources Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for mining cryptocurrency. The suspect was arrested by the Singapore police force on September 26 after the charges against him, once by 14 points. It is reported that in addition to Ho stole credit card and personal information of residents of California, Texas and India, in order to access the capacities of the aforementioned cloud services.

Again, illegal mining

The court record noted that the suspect was engaged in mining cryptocurrency in the period from November 2017 to February 2018. Ho mainil Bitcoin and the Ethereum.

At the end of 2017, with the rapid growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies Ho used personal information and credit cards of their victims to open accounts in the cloud services. Especially for this suspect created a huge number of fake e-mail addresses.

The amount of unpaid bills for the use of cloud services exceeded $ 5 million. And that’s not all — in a period of time suspect even became one of the major consumers of AWS services.

The Prosecutor noted that such actions are punishable in Singapore by imprisonment for the term up to 20 years. For illegal access to someone else’s device you can get another 10 years imprisonment. In addition, Ho also made allegations of identity theft, which is also punishable by restriction of liberty for a term up to 2 years.

Singaporean made several transfers from credit cards of victims in payment for services Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, with a total amount of 240 thousand dollars. Ho did not keep too long naminanu the cryptocurrency almost from the coins left on the exchange for Fiat at different venues. The suspect had made the transaction in exchange for localbitcoins.com and localethereum.com.

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