A critical vulnerability in Android that breaks the system permits

Experts in the field of cybersecurity company Nightwatch Cybersecurity has discovered a vulnerability in a component of the Intent of the OS Android, which allows applications to capture information about connections of devices to the Network. Among the information that can be intercepted include the names of Wi-Fi networks, passwords, MAC addresses and incoming and outgoing traffic.

The vulnerability is being completely undermined by the permission system of Android because it allows apps without permission from the user to access highly sensitive information, say the researchers. In the best case, the intercepted data can be used by advertisers, and at worst Internet scams.

Vulnerable versions of Android

According to experts Nighwatch Cybersecurity, the vulnerability affects all devices running on Android OS starting with the sixth iteration through eighth. In the Android Pie hole was fixed, however, given how few devices today can in fact update to the latest version of the OS, vulnerability fraudsters can become a real epidemic.

Of course, Google, like any other manufacturer, has a right to actual promotion of the product, showing its advantages over the products of previous years. Another thing is that by refusing to address the vulnerability in older versions of the OS, Google is risking the well-being of millions of its users, who may find themselves in a dangerous trap.

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