A copy of Cortana 3.0 updated now available for iOS

نسخة كورتانا 3.0 المحدثة متوفرة الآن لنظام iOS

After what was available for trade last month became today the updated version 3.0 of the Cortana assistant, Microsoft audio are now available for all users of the iOS system, which allows the user to simulate the experiences of a conversation with the voice assistant and listen to music and live streaming, in the shadow of a noticeable change and improved interface the new version which differs from the commercial release, where the figure shows the new division reality for Windows Tab in the was in the window single tab in the trial version.

The update also provides process integration better with the service components of the audio system of Microsoft where the user can join Skype and Microsoft Team as well as to enable access to the calendar of the user’s messages, email and other services.

Are also available several other advantages in Cura our 3.0 as a window ticket or menus through a drop-down list side of the right side, and interestingly the simplicity of the interface and they are free of complications compared to the past 2.6 which launched last year.

The company seeks Microsoft to increase the importance of her vocal additions and updates despite the significantly competition in the market of aid to the sound if we compare it been Alex or Assistant Google, to illustrate the step acquisition of a competent artificial intelligence the extent of their interest in developing plugin, where she wanted to add a sense of humanity course in the footsteps of Amazon in her assistant Alexa.

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