A conspiracy of bankers: account of the businessman froze for cryptocurrency trading

Barclays and HSBC have frozen three Bank accounts of the retailer elektronikov from the UK. The reason for the freeze was the fact that the seller has exchanged a large amount of bitcoins for Fiat. This writes NewsBTC.

Why you should not mess with the banks

The seller elektronikov Scott Snayt from Leicestershire owned two personal and one business Bank account. Because of cryptocurrency trading all three bills have been blocked by HSBC and Barclays. Snayt exchanged bitcoins for Fiat with the residents of the UK. Banks have not provided any explanation of the incident. The businessman said that all transactions were completely transparent and legitimate.

Company Snaith 50cycles focused on selling bikes and works closely with the manufacturer electrobike Toba. Earlier, the British company has released the bike to production of its own cryptocurrency.

According to Snaith, he was a victim of financial discrimination. Because of the actions of the banks he failed to pay the money to its suppliers.

This situation is a complete nightmare. One of my employees left the company because we were not able to pay him a salary. I never will cooperate with Barclays. I am a professional entrepreneur who wants to profit from new technologies. And the banks can’t seem to provide basic service to their customers. Large financial institutions only put a spoke in the wheel. Their message makes clear — your Bank account does not belong to you.

Immediately after the public statements of HSBC Snita thawed one of his accounts. But Barclays continues to refuse to open the account of the businessman. The Bank representative explained the cause of the incident.

Barclays meets its legal and regulatory obligations, we never take the decision of closing or termination of the relationship with customers.

It is noteworthy that cryptocurrencies can play on hand banks. However, some experts believe that the stock market, in the end, wins the banking sector.

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