A comprehensive look at the leaks of the Huawei P30

Approaching the Huawei announcement phones P30 & P30 Pro, but the label on goods are scarce compared to the leak the Galaxy S10, where most of the information in this section from one source, so it contained very not be entirely accurate.

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Screen design

Beginning with P30 Pro, said he would retain on the screen of Olid, to be curved on the sides like the screen is dead 20 Pro and measure 6.5 inch like the screen of the iPhone XS Max.

It is said that P30 will remain the same size as 5.8 inches from the P20, but the screen will be of type OLED, not LCD.

Has been reported by a reliable source that both phones come built (note) a drop of water, you’ll be my Huawei front camera mono, to come phones with a fingerprint reader built company, but we don’t know the quality; it may be visual, which in dead 20 Pro, or sound the most sophisticated, which is commonly used in phones and Galaxy S10.


Given the initial design of P30, we believe that it will come with a camera background of the three, is expected to be the same used in dead 20 Pro, and therefore will be strictly main 40 maps, add sensor 20 maps with a wide lens, to work second 8 maps as close to offer optical zoom up to 3 times.

It is said that P30 Pro will come with a camera of a fourth, and keep the lens wide and telephoto, to use the main sensor 38 maps of the development of the Sony, which is said that it will come to improvements on photography in low light.

It is said that the camera of the fourth P30 Pro sensors will be time-flight, in which the elements of the scene and the three dimensions, to improve the browsing experience of the applications of augmented reality, which is the Commons use it in the successor of the iPhone XS-Max camera third, and in version Galaxy S10 luxury that comes with four cameras background.


Indicate the tolerance of that series P30 will benefit from the processor Kirin 980, other than one of the sources who reported the use of version updates minor called Kirin 985, similar to the P9 series, which came by Kirin 955, instead of the Kirin 950 seat with the Dead 8.

Recall that the processor Kirin 980 came core 7 nm adds significant improvements to the rationalization of energy consumption and performance, such as rivals Snapdragon 855 وA12 Bionic.

It is reported that the options of the radio will begin from 8 gigabytes, and up to 12 gigabytes of address space in the P30 Pro, and still have options storage capacity of batteries is vague at the current time. It is expected that come the hardware interface EMUI 9.1-based Android 9.

The date of the declaration

Prepared with Huawei to launch the phone by folding at the Mobile World Congress held in late February, we have reports that the declaration series P30 late March, such as series P20.

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