A comprehensive look at the leaks of the Galaxy Note 10

Recently published information and specifications of the upcoming smartphone from Samsung the Galaxy Note 10, in addition to picture, imagine, phone is the next big coming from the company, but will not be announced until later this year.

Last week, a report indicated that the screen of the phone will be the size of 6.75 inch by 89% of front-end, and there were some new details that suggest that Samsung is going to use the bite piece Galaxy S10 phone New including screen accurately 1440 × 3040, which of course will be ultra-high brightness, bright colors and is of a type for.

Used phone Galaxy S10 processor centre 855 processor with graphics Adreno 640, processor and modem from Qualcomm also, it is expected that the new phone uses the same processors except for the processor season may be the X55 or X50 for better connectivity to networks fifth generation.

For cameras background, they are quad and details:
– 12 maps girl lens f/1.5
– 12 maps girl lens f/2.4
– 16 maps girl lens f/2.2
– The lens of the TOF 3D

In the past, reports emerged of a registration Samsung for a patent to move the front camera to the pen, while sound deadening and added a camera to the already powerful.

Read also:the pen and the Galaxy Note may support camera with optical zoom

Is expected to announce the Samsung phone Galaxy Note 10 on 8 August 2019 or in the timing of the asymptotic, in accordance with the declaration on phones in past years.

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