A comprehensive comparison between the iOS 13, Android Q

Controlled companies, Google andApple on the market of operating systems for mobile devices, but the system (Android) Android, developed by the company Google captures the largest percentage of market share, which is up to 85.9%, followed by rival traditional system (iOS) iOS; by acquisition of up to 14.1% only.

Depends which operating system runs on your smart phone is the most important thing at all, without the system would become the iPhone, and Android is a slabs of glass, metal and plastic. So we will be reviewing today with a comprehensive comparison between the versions of operating systems, portable devices coming from Apple and Google, especially after Apple officially announced the new version of their system (iOS 13) iOS 13 iPhone, during its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019.

Featuring version (iOS 13) iOS 13 a number of new features, including: dark mode Dark Mode at the system level – a feature which was waiting for her users of the system since a long time – also add many new options for privacy settings, with a range of improvements designed to make the iPhone safer and easier to use.

As stated above its Google; it launched a second beta version of the tenth version of the Android operating system, which bear the name of the Android Q Beta 3 to developers during the month of May, which included: significant changes in the user interface, such as dark mode, gestures improved, in addition to focusing on security, privacy, luxury, digital, and data artificial intelligence useful.

Now – with the arrival of the beta versions of iOS 13, Android Q mobile phones – we can build this comparison on the features offered by Apple in its conference for developers, features in the trial version last Android Q, As companies move in general to provide some surprises at the launch of the final versions of the users, you will not be this final submission.

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Final note: this comparison does not cover all the features announced by Apple, or Google in the versions of two systems, but focus on the main features, which we believe is more interesting, and relies on users every day.

The following is a comprehensive comparison between the iOS 13, Android the Q:

1. the privacy features:

مقارنة شاملة بين نظامي iOS 13 وAndroid Q

First: for the version of Apple TV (iOS 13) iOS 13.

Over the years; MISS Apple to Google in terms of preserving the privacy of user data, unlike Google; I don’t think the Apple TV to target ads based on user data, but make their profits from the sale of devices, applications, and services.

Apple during the WWDC conference 2019, it will allow users greater control of site permissions, that gives for applications, starting from version (iOS 13) iOS 13, choose to share this information once, then the app asks for permission again if necessary.

It also revealed the Apple TV for a new way and more privacy to log in to applications and websites, instead of using social media accounts or fill out forms, check e-mail, or choose passwords, customers can use the (ID Apple) Apple ID for authentication.

You will feature to Sign In with the Apple users to authenticate using facial recognition Face ID, or using the fingerprint Touch ID, with the integration of authentication using two components for an additional level of security, and don’t use the Apple TV feature to Sign In with Apple to configure a file on the users or their activity on the app.

Second: for the version of Android Q.

Google talked also about the protection of user data, and that was through last month in an opinion piece in the New York Times, where he wrote the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai Sundar Pichai: “that privacy can’t be luxury items. offer only for people who can buy products and services only”.

But Google is facing difficulty in implementing it; because one of the sources of revenue the main advertising business, which depends on what users are looking for, the videos they watch, and some of the behaviors of the other user.

But Google has taken an important step in this direction, through the Android version next, where they will be Android version Q users more control over the information they share through apps and services.

But the methods of the two companies in the privacy different, for example: Google is working on an update to the Chrome browser, which the developers say “it may live extras ban the ads, and add-ons privacy”, while in contrast; the announced the Apple TV last year that the browser (Safari) Safari, will prevent external parties from monitoring your activity across the web.

Winner: version (iOS 13) iOS 13.

2 – Dark Mode Dark Mode:

الوضع الداكن في نظام آي أو إس 13

Think the mechanism of action of (dark mode) Dark Mode, to convert the screen of your device from a white screen a bright screen to black, and this helps preserve battery life by lighting a smaller number of pixels of the screen, it also works to reduce eye strain.

For the version of Android Q; s Google developed the feature of dark mode in the updated version of the ninth of the Android Pie earlier this year, but the company has not developed the use of water at the level of the entire system, and releases the first beta of the Android version of Q, the use of water more evenly across the system, however still some apps Google phones – including: application (Gmail) Gmail, and the browser (Chrome) Chrome – lacks the option for Dark Mode.

For issue (iOS 13); show Apple more experience in the development of this feature, where the feature of dark mode in the version of iOS of 13 set the colors of the dark new, working in all sections of the system, and all internal applications; to provide a great viewing experience, especially in surroundings with low light.

As expected the situation to the developers of external applications in order to integrate it in their apps, and can be set to play automatically at sunset, or at a specific time. Accordingly, will the iOS version 13 a more consistent experience.

Winner: version (iOS 13) iOS 13.
3 – take pictures, edit and share:
التقاط وتحرير ومشاركة الصور

Come Service (photo Apple) Apple’s Photos with a large collection of editing tools, at the top (iOS 13) iOS 13 I got the app for more features, including: ability to adjust the intensity of illumination in mode portrait using the slider, from within the camera application, also available for the majority of the tools necessary to edit video clips too, so that they can control you and, and add filters from within the Photos app.

Consistent application of the apple of Health in the identification of faces, objects and scenes; to help you sort your photos, but unfortunately, a lot of the features of the application available only to users of the Apple TV, as that the first 5 GB only storage service (iCloud) iCloud is free.

In contrast; the service (photo Google) Google Photos almost everything you want in a photo service. It combines backup, and share photos effortlessly, and with powerful editing tools and easy to use.

It is also developing imaging Night Sight on the phones (Pixels) Pixel – by itself – the most important characteristic of Google’s system in this point, as it depends on artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and programmed through algorithms for image processing during shooting, so that the user can capture extremely clear images in low light conditions, without the need to use any source of external light.

As the application features Google images that gives you the possibility to search for people, places and things; to see all the photos that have been allocated under (tags) Tags certain, as the service offers the first 15 GB of storage service online for free.

Winner: Android version Q.

4. sync applications:

مقارنة شاملة بين نظامي iOS 13 وAndroid Q

In the developers conference held last year, said Apple it will begin to move some apps operating system iOS system (Mac OS) MacOS using the developer tool New Project (Marzipan); and in the end named after the tool Project (Catalyst).

As stated by Apple during its developers this year, it will begin to allow developers of the new system (iPad or ABS iPadOS) to bring the apps iPad of their own to Macs.

Do this step developers – who will have the ability to create applications more easily can be played on Apple devices, laptops, and desktop devices – and users of Mac System, who will receive access to a richer spectrum of applications.

Let Google also application developers to move applications between platforms, by giving the owner my devices (Chrome book) Chromebook modern access to Android apps through the Google Play Store. But the constraints on these devices limit the usefulness of this option.

Winner: version (iOS 13) iOS 13.

5 – Assistant Google voice versus assistant Siri:

In the field of aid voice; it was the start with the Apple TV when I fired her assistant voice (Siri) Siri in 2011, while Google has entered to this field, yet they managed to beat us development of its Google Voice Assistant, over the years; I move the Apple TV to fill this gap.

In version (iOS 13) iOS 13; he gets the assistant Siri on the new features only: the voice of the new normal, and supporting tests (Siri) for a Suggested Automations, which put a routine dedicated to things such as: go to work, or sports club.

As to the performance of the assistant Siri is not good compared with the norms of Google in the voice recognition, and the various commands and understand them, and this is the primary function of the assistant sound.

In return; we will find that Assistant Google built too tightly in everything you do on your phone, and can provide recommendations proactively by looking at the calendar, and the email account (Gmail) for bookings and upcoming dates.

Is also available Assistant Google in cars, such as auxiliary driving, and Google’s conference for developers, held during this year, the company introduced a range of new features and customizable.

Expect the assistant (Siri) Siri is also on a large scale, where works on devices iOS, and Mac hours Apple Smart وHomePod. Can for Shortcuts Siri to create custom task, however; is still disappointing, because the database which Assistant the apple of his data is limited, while Google’s database is larger.

Winner: Android version Q in the advanced stages.

6 – the maps, and:

In the version of iOS 13 make Apple TV a new experience in the application of maps through wider coverage of roads, the data is better for pedestrians, and addresses more accurate, as Will the app also has a number of new features including:

  • Tool Look Around that allow you to see three-dimensional view of what.
  • Feature Collections, which facilitate the participation of restaurants, meals, travel, and shopping favorites with friends.
  • Feature Favorites to move on to face repeated, such as: the organization and the club and school, with a simple click of the playback screen.

In return; we will find that Google Maps includes all of these features since a long time, including the situation of the three-dimensional which allows for Street View. Also, Google has a mood, where you are constantly updating the Maps app; to make it more useful in exploring the places, for example: tab allows you to (explore) find a very large list of places to eat, and buy different products in your area.

Also got the Google Maps application on the new features more important during the past week, including:

  • Speedometer Speedometer, to follow the speed of the driving while using the app easily.
  • Feature development the presence of speed cameras Speed Cameras Alerts, for drivers locations of speed cameras.
  • The advantage of reporting on an accident on the road: such as a collision or traffic jam in a certain area.

Winner: Android version Q in the advanced stages.


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