A comprehensive comparison between Google spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel

Think of all of the (Google spreadsheets) Google Sheets, and(Microsoft Excel) Microsoft Excel is the most important options available to work with spreadsheets, which enables each of them to create spreadsheets, perform calculations, use functions and formulas, create graphs and charts, and much more.

I started a spreadsheet Google as an application of the simple spreadsheet, but it quickly evolved in recent years with the addition of powerful tools such as: (Pivot Tables) Pivot Tables – which is considered one of the most important features of Microsoft Excel – to become now a powerful alternative to Microsoft excel in most cases. Accordingly, you may want to your mind some questions about the main differences between the two, and how you can determine what is appropriate for your use is?

The following is a comparison between Google spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel:


One of the biggest advantages of Google Docs is it’s free for personal use, but if you own a business, you may want to see the subscription plans G Suite is different, which will provide you with more features, and more storage space on the (Google Drive) Google Drive.

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While the involvement of (Microsoft Office 365) Microsoft Office 365 – which includes: (Excel)Excel, and(Word) Word, and(bourbon), PowerPoint, and productivity software other than Microsoft – at $ 69.99 per year for personal use.

However; the full version of SoftMaker Office is not the only option, if you want to work through a web browser, you can think in use (Microsoft Office Online) Microsoft Office Online, although it is not strong such as: desktop software, but are considered good except for the data tables to the most complex.

The transferability of the data:

مقارنة شاملة بين جداول بيانات جوجل ومايكروسوفت إكسل

When you decide to use Google spreadsheets, or Microsoft Excel, think about if you need to transfer data between the two, where you can export spreadsheets from Google format Excel, and import Excel files into Google spreadsheets, but you can’t simply copy the cells, paste them from one to the other.

As you may experience some formatting issues if you export spreadsheet and import them, because they don’t work in the same way completely.

The concert, and sync:

الحفظ والمزامنة

Say Google spreadsheets saves your work automatically, so no need to worry about closing the window by mistake during your work, while Excel shows a warning message if you try to close the program without saving your work, or if you close it by mistake, as you will have a good chance to recover some of your work by using the recovery tool included in the Microsoft programs.

You will maintain spreadsheets Google your work in your account on the Google Drive, which allows you to access it anywhere, from any device. While if you use Microsoft Excel will require you to sync your files on the cloud storage service of Microsoft ( OneDrive) OneDrive, which will require you some extra effort, but there is a good feature if you subscribe to Office 365, where you will have huge storage capacity of 1 TB, while not provide you Google only 15 GB only, but its free.

Think the best option here depends on your priorities: convenience in handling, or storage space big.

Cooperation in editing the files:

التعاون في تحرير الملفات

If you want to collaborate with other people within the spreadsheets to be held, the Google Spreadsheets are an ideal option in this case, where you can simply send an e-mail to colleagues to allow them to join Data tables are working on, as you can select the tasks to be undertaken by each person, whether just add comments, or amendment on file.

While the Microsoft program an individual in the first place, but you can work on levels excel with your colleagues across the (Microsoft Office Online), which is basically a customized version of the desktop software completely, as you can get more options if you co-workers subscriptions business.


When you choose keep in mind other programs that you will use in your daily work, where you can move the spreadsheet to Google easily between Google apps and the other, but if you want to work with any third-party software, such as: accounting programs, then Microsoft Excel is an ideal option in this case.



When it launched Google spreadsheets for the first time in, it is a very simple tool that does more than just being a calculator application, but now has come a long way, and includes many of the features of Excel powerful and most useful (such as pivot tables) which are used to narrow a large set of data or to identify relationships between data points, but it’s still not quite ready.

While Excel start strong, and many unique features, which includes a formula for each task depend on the data, and also receive quick updates, in addition to the presence of new tools such as: infographics, so if you work with data regularly, and lead complex tasks, it is still Microsoft Excel leading by a large margin.

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