A comparison between the performance of Note 9 Note 8 وS9+

Now after the launch of Note 9 formally, it has been possible to make a comparison between it and the Note 8 and S9+ on the performance area, so let’s listen to you here the results of the tests using Note 9 processor access 9810.

In the test graphics performance was clear thinking is a mess S9+ with a processor Snapdragon 845.

Results showed platform AnTuTu 7 tests the overall performance of the device, outweigh the S9+ processor Snapdragon, where topped the list, the imposition of 6% for Note 9, which came in second place ahead of the Note 8 by 25%.

The performance test on the platform of GeekBench showed miss Note 9 in the selection of multi-core, but testing the nuclear one was a standout for S9+.

It is worth mentioning that the results have been using the Note 9 of internal memory and random 6/128 gigabytes of address space, which leaves us wondering how will be able to copy 8/512 gigabytes impact on performance.

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