A comparison between the camera pixel camera 4 camera iPhone 11 pro

Google announced about its new phone pixels 4, although the revelation wasn’t surprising, since leakage almost everything before they are announced, some even thought him the worst secret technology in the history of smartphones, but it is clear that Google has been aiming to restore its Old Glory with the Pixel 3, which came with the best camera smart phone back then. Indeed went all the phones Android on his approach and became a dog breathing on the camera especially the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning any relying more on algorithms and software, so that the iPhone XS taken from the same area which added to the Apple lots and lots. Despite the fact that there were still divergent views in respect of any telephone carries a better camera, but it is still iPhone 11 pro who enjoys Lens telephoto additional lacking Google, is considered the best this will become clear through the following comparison between the photos taken again-iPhone 11 Pro a telephone and a pixel 4, who will prevail?

مقارنة بين كاميرا بيكسل 4 وكاميرا آي-فون 11 برو

مقارنة بين كاميرا بيكسل 4 وكاميرا آي-فون 11 برو

Exceeded camera Pixel 3 by a large margin by the companies Android rival the likes of Huawei, Samsung, and even Shaw, but there was not the slightest doubt that the iPhone 11 Pro would have a new standard for fully, and, indeed, with the camera system of the tripartite and the advanced computer features such as Deep Fusion and Night Mode, the majority of see iPhone 11 Pro almost that its camera is the best camera smartphone ever.

The lens in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4

((All images iPhone 11 Pro on the right and a pixel 4 on the left))

Looks like pixel camera 4 to a large extent the previous Pixel 3, where still many of short any with focal lengths shorter which you know, too wide, and sometimes broad, compared to what you offer models the leading of the Apple. While Pixel 3 in the last year stuck in the world of camera single-lens, the pixels of this general system of dual lens compared to the lens of the tripartite of your iPhone 11 pro any to Pixel 4 came late, in that technical, maybe too much.

Same specifications visual for the main both phones intelligent to some extent, where they contain nearly 12 mega pixel and possess Google camera, 12.2 mega pixels, and slots similar to the f/1.7 and f/1.8 Pixel and iPhone, respectively.

The accuracy of the number of phone calls from Google a little better in the accuracy reported in Apple, that’s probably because it comes with a sensor of 16 MP, but it’s worth noting that it does not only provide aperture f/2.4 against f/2.0 and the broader significantly from Apple. This makes the iPhone 11 pro able to capture telephoto best in dark conditions, in addition to algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning such as Night Mode.

What he lacks in pixel 4, anyway is a third camera wide angle too because they prevent the iPhone 11 Pro the ability to capture images of the beauty and scenery of the largest, in addition to the features of computational photography, because it can use extra content from the wide lens to improve the images for things like camera shake and the missing parts when you rotate the image.

Photography at the pixels 4 and iPhone 11 pro

After only one day of advertising for the phone Pix 4 the new flagship of Google, the Tom Verge’s Tom Warren Drive via London with iPhone 11 pro, telephone and Pixel 4 along to capture some stills for comparison. Warren said to capture all images at the same timing in order to make the images as identical as possible. It was also to avoid any settings or adjustments on the camera, just using the default mode.

It seems that the iPhone 11 Pro works best in low-light conditions; although Warren suggested that the pix 4 the light of more frequent and less saturation in the image above, we believe that the iPhone 11 Pro seems much better.

Here iPhone 11 pro outperform the pixels 4 by providing more details.

Although Warren noted that the pixels 4 turns in that area with the details of the face and skin, which indicates that some of the photography computer is working well here, except that the iPhone 11 Pro seems better off, too.

It is reported that the Pixel 4 provides color accuracy better, although it tends toward the colors warmer, and high contrast in most shots, while the iPhone 11 Pro was always more saturated colors.

Adds the Pixel 4 also has some new enhancements for the camera such as Live HDR+, and controls the exposure of the double, and Night Sight with Astrophotography, however not Warren specifically none of these features because its goal was to provide a quick look early on the possibilities of the camera basic phone Pixel camera 4. It also didn’t compare the features of the algorithm explicitly, such as Night Sight and Night Mode, choosing instead to focus only on imaging the normal daily.

There is no doubt that Google has conducted some of the improvements nice on the camera in pixels 4, although they have gained some progress to her brothers in Android, but they certainly don’t look like winning against the iPhone 11 Pro backup at this stage even for photography basic is a normal daily, as it is not taken into account in the lens of the iPhone very clear the potential of video recording of 4K 60 fps with dynamic range possible.

Rating site DxoMark cameras now has yet to be tested 11 pro “maybe the reason is the lack of access technique deep fusion after and wait for the site to believe it to be comprehensive”

Arrange the phones in the imaging clearly, Wide is a rating of the new neighbor test phones, so the majority of the phones did not get evaluated after.

What do you think of camera pixels 4 compared to The any-iPhone 11 pro? Tell us in the comments.



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