A comparison between the Apple earbuds new and previous

Announced the Apple by a few on the Eyre been 2 officially released with new features is long overdue, so what’s new compared to the first?

The most important feature is the addition of segment H1 of the second part, a partner of the developer of the Apple TV itself to add more than one feature; including increased time calls by 50%, to about an hour compared to the version first, as it will help the company proposed to improve the performance of fish, including the speed of response and ease of communication and control devices.

Adds a segment H1 is the possibility of voice communication with the assistant Siri without the need to connect to the iPhone.

Come to Ayr best 2 the portfolio of the normal rechargeable wired like the first generation, also given the user the option to holster rechargeable wireless.

Available Eyre best 2 Now Shop Apple TV priced at$ 159 right to keep ordinary, and 199$ to maintain support for wireless charging.

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