A comparison between the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro – What is the wireless speaker is better than Apple TV?!

This year revealed the Apple TV for two new products within the category of wireless headsets first came to hear of AirPods 2 and then headphones Powerbeats Pro to A and Apple TV on the wireless headsets. In this article, a quick comparison between both of the sky two to see which is best suited to you if you are determined to purchase.

مقارنة بين AirPods 2 و Powerbeats Pro

A comparison between the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro

The similarities between the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro

Let’s first take a look at the similarities and consistency between both the two speakers are reminded of the following:

  • Relying on Bluetooth technology to connect with smart devices remotely.
  • Having a box shipped can ship out the heavens for extra time.
  • Integration with personal assistant “Siri”
  • Having a slice of Apple H1 to improve the sound quality and battery life and overall performance.
  • The integration is perfect with the iPhone and iPad (and other devices)
  • Turn off the audio player automatically when removed the headphones from the ear.

Apple AirPods 2

Apple AirPods 2

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro

The differences between the AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro

There are four major differences between the Hear My AirPods 2 and Powerbeats Pro: design, sound quality, battery, and price. We will later detail those points individually.

1. Design
  • Headphones Powerbeats Pro have the hook goes around the ear is what makes it closer to the ear compared with the AirPods 2, which may be considered by some to be more convenient in use and put it on the ear.
  • Headphones Powerbeats Pro’s water resistant and unlike headphones AirPod 2
  • Headphones Powerbeats Pro is available in several colors: black, white, ivory, and blue. Expect to hear the AirPod 2 with just one color is white.
  • Headphones AirPod 2 lighter.
2. Sound quality

The sound quality in the headphones AirPod 2 featured the acoustic experience for everyone, but aficionados of the sounds of pure freak-my music probably suits them more headphones Powerbeats Pro that provide the sound experience professional with technology to reduce noise.

3. Battery life

Headphones AirPods 2 Wireless provides up to 5 hours of usage, the headphones Powerbeats Pro Faisal battery life to 9 hours. When you use the cargo tray will give the fish of a lifetime is an additional more than 24 hours.

Headphones AirPods 2 feature allows wireless charging and fast charging and is not present in the headphones Powerbeats Pro.

4. Price

The price of the AirPods 2 starts from 160 USD for the basic (up to$ 200 in the case of buying a box wireless charging, the headphones Powerbeats Pro starting price of $ 250.

This be over the comparison, the selection of Heaven, first and foremost, check with your personal 🙂

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