A class-action lawsuit against Facebook has cost them ” billions of dollars “


One of the features that the Facebook has added to the social network several years ago is the ability to recognize faces in your photos. The idea was to facilitate the company on the users signal to their friends in the pictures, but it seems that everyone did not necessarily offer the comfort provided by this feature.

He explained the District Judge, the American James Donato recently that he can now sue Facebook in a class-action lawsuit filed by three users of the state of Illinois claiming that the water collected biometric data of their own without their explicit consent. And filed a lawsuit based on a law in Illinois called the Law of the privacy of biometric information.

This law protects biometric data of persons such as fingerprints, irises, and facial features. According to judge James Donato, he says that given that this lawsuit has now become a class-action lawsuit, there’s a chance that you sue Facebook by other users as part of this lawsuit, which could lead to a company Facebook to pay a billion dollars, and in this case if he joined other people to support me.

It also seeks plaintiffs for compensation of up to $ 5,000 every time you use a person’s image without permission. In a statement to news agency Reuters, the network said Facebook : ” we still believe that the case is not objective, and we will defend ourselves vigorously “.



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