A class-action lawsuit acknowledges the existence of flaws at all hours of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

There are a lot of things that will give you at the Apple Watch, a lot of things that you wouldn’t like it. However, you can go to the extent to say that they all suffer from disadvantages? This seems to be what is referred to by lawsuit new group have been filed recently against Apple, at least according to a new report released recently from the website Patently Apple.

According to the lawsuit, they say that all the hours of the Apple Watch from the first generation down to the latest generation all suffer from the same flaws, including broken screen or crashing or breaking up from the structure. And the lawsuit that these defects appear more often after a few days or weeks of buying it.

And remember, the lawsuit is also to say that Apple was apparently aware of these ” flaws ” early on, but they went ahead and decided to sell them anyway to the consumers, and they ” failed ” to disclose these flaws to the public before or after the purchase. And the lawsuit also that Apple has an internal policy consists in the rejection of the existence of the defects above-mentioned, claiming that any damage caused by the customer allows the company to refuse to meet the limited warranty.

While there were some types of defects, such as batteries swollen and lines that appear on the screen of the Apple Watch, has been addressed by Apple, which provided guarantees extended or alternatives. And a lawsuit to get compensation worth $ 5 million, but Apple hasn’t figured it out yet.


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