A child in the eleventh traverses the site to the U.S. election

طفل في الحادية عشر يخترق الموقع الخاص بالانتخابات الأمريكية

Can a child from the jurisdiction of the Austin hacked the site of the election of America at the Def, which is a conference held annually in Las Vegas, USA, is interested in compiling the hackers and schools the largest piracy operations electronic in the world, and it displays the challenges for the participants to decipher puzzles and test the strength of security of some websites and the ability to penetrate, where participants from different age categories.

In this version of the Conference has been a challenge for the 47 children of participants to penetrate the site responsible for information the election of America (a copy similar to the original site), so that the issue of piracy and change the results of the U.S. elections have provoked much ADO Baghdad beat Trump and the accusations of Russian involvement blatant.

What soon emmet (11 years) only 10 minutes even hacked the voting site elections, etc, Florida (replica), and this idea of a platform to communicate the safe and, where focused on those sites that were criticized in the electoral process. And build version similar to penetration testing by a team of Wall of Sheep Village.

It is noteworthy that 89% of children participating in the conference were able to access the websites of the replicas created by and the team Wall of Sheep Village, has provided the advice to the officials and employees in the protection of such sites in the United States, that they should use more protection, and the means of your security and test the site against the common weakness accurately.

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