A celebratory message threatening to blow the place up. seem in the case of not to buy bitcoin

Got threatening messages electronically by the content of my bitcoin for a large number of people demanding that they deposit the currency composition of$ 20,000 or will blow up an alleged bomb in the event of failure to comply with the order without taking into account the expected place in both the area of work, college or public area, where targeted messages to a wide range of countries that speak the language sites included all of Canada and the United States and New Zealand.

The reason for the letter in some cases to the commission for the operations of evacuation of the included hospitals, colleges as well as for Facebook , which has suffered from something similar last Tuesday night due to the threat of counterfeits which afford him a message that I needed to organize in the text, so that they were formulated several scenarios of the mechanism of detonation of the bomb, and hurting both exist in the library in addition to warning the recipient to communicate with the police; where in the case note holder is the bomb supposed any strange movement of the security elements out of the office going to blow them up, And his person that the optimal solution is to deposit the required amount with corresponding currency bitcoin at an e-portfolio work has been the inclusion of the title in the text of the message.

The reactions were sections police states of various convergent and watch the ways of peace and warned through the pages of its official these messages the counterfeit and noted to the public the implementation of the authorities directly concerned in similar situations may pose a threat to public security as a whole.

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