A bullish cross is passed. The Ethereum will increase to $ 300 very soon

The stock market has experienced a marked rise after the formation of a clear uptrend on the chart of Bitcoin in early April. The main digital asset was able to break through several important resistance levels in a very short period of time, which positively impacted the price of Ethereum.

By the way, on the chart ETH newly formed “Golden cross”, which usually precedes the new global bullrun. Judging by the bidding conditions, the asset may test the resistance level of $ 300 in the near future.

To new heights

At the moment the air is trading at $ 242, for the past day the price of the cryptocurrency fell by 4.2 percent. Drop below the region of $ 250 is a bit delayed bullrun, but the bulls have all the conditions to start a new wave of growth.

A cryptanalyst under the name Mayne believes that Ethereum is expected to grow to above $ 260. Then we can talk about the high probability of testing the level of $ 300.

BTC needs to hold the line 7884 USD to break $ 9,000. Fall below the red line on the graph would decrease at least up to 7300 dollars. Trading a pair of ETH/USD has a chance for a rise to $ 300 just after the break of resistance $ 260.

But The Crypto Cactus fully confident in the “Golden cross”.

On the chart ETH just had a bullish crossover. Soon, cryptocurrency will rise to 300 dollars.

We will remind, recently on the potential of the project told acne Buterin. In his opinion, the Ethereum something even better than Bitcoin and has a chance to throw it to the first position in the ranking of the market capitalization of the stock market.

To take advantage of the rapid growth Aldona for their own benefit, listen to the advice of experienced experts.

The situation on the market follow our cryptodata of hontarov.


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