A bug in WhatsApp for iOS allows you to bypass the security of Touch ID and Face ID

System biometric security WhatsApp messenger for iOS contains a vulnerability that allows to bypass it and anyone who wishes to access correspondence. This was reported by a Reddit user with the nickname de_X_ter. According to him, the bug works regardless of the selected authentication method, whether it be Touch ID or Face ID, and the hack is produced with the help of standard operating system tool called Share Sheets that are designed for file sharing.

Hacking, according to de_X_ter produced in a matter of minutes. So the operation was a success, need to do some simple actions.

How to hack WhatsApp

  • For a start, any way to get into the Share menu Sheets (Russian-speaking users this tool is known as “Share”). This can be done, for example, from the app “Photo”;
  • Then choose WhatsApp as a way of sharing files;
  • Once you’ve done that, you will transfer to messenger, without requiring verification;
  • Now you need to minimize the app and go to the desktop, after it already activate it from the desktop. If all manipulations have been done correctly, the messenger does not require you to prove your identity.

Important: this method of blocking works only if in settings lock WhatsApp selected option “1 minute”, “after 15 minutes” or “after 1 hour”. Upon activation of the option “Immediately”, the same trick does not work and you will not be able to circumvent the protection of messenger.

It is not known whether the developers are aware of the WhatsApp about this issue. Given that you implement the above instructions to bypass the blocking simply, this problem may entail a number of negative consequences and the disclosure of confidential information, the disclosure of which is totally undesirable.

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