A bug in Facebook revealed the passwords of hundreds of millions of users to 20 thousand employees in the company

خلل في فيسبوك كشف كلمات مرور مئات ملايين المستخدمين ل20 ألف موظف في الشركة

Uncover the website Krebs on Security that the series of Science Software hit applications, a subsidiary of Facebook led to save passwords for hundreds of millions of users in a non-encrypted and readable; in different police in the situation model is retained in the templates are encrypted, no one can detect it or access it.

The report showed that the number of users who are affected by the gap ranges from 300 to 600 million users, where passwords for their accounts in the reach of about 20,000 employees in the company.

Have confirmed Facebook via her blog today that the back entitled its publication in this regard ” to maintain secure passwords“, as explained Deputy Head of Department privacy and security in the company of Pedro cannot discovered for this cell during a routine check for safety last January on the system of internal storage of passwords.

Adding that the reform of the science will inform the users affected by the event through notices, the police referred to the lack of any evidence to suggest the diversion of any of your users ‘ passwords are outside the scope of the company, which of course means no need to change the passwords to account holders affected.

In most of the accounts affected are users of the application light version of Facebook “Lite” in the hundreds of millions and tens of millions of users of the regular version in addition to the tens of thousands of accounts of Instagram.

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