A breakthrough in server the ASUS lead to the deployment of malware in more than 500 device

Successful hackers during the financial period in hacking a private server in one of ASUS software computers, to launch the update for the malicious software to more than 500 device even now.


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I didn’t realize the ASUS throughout the half a year they pay the malware in updates to the computers for the users, where could the hackers hack the interface code to the server of the company which allowed the entry of intruders to thousands of devices.

Came new details about the problem to Asus via Kaspersky Lab’s security, which spotted the attack, which he knew بShadowHamme, which started since last year and stopped in the recent period, however, the group of hackers who had succeeded during this period in the push malicious programs to users, which was up through a reliable source that shows with hard Asus digital that confirm the reliability of the updates.

As confirmed company Kaspersky Lab security in her remarks to the group of hackers who had targeted a range of devices up to 600 almost device, where the designed malicious software to search for users according to the MAC address of their own, but the reason for targeting this class in particular is not yet clear.


I know of

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