A Bluetooth chip the size of a postage stamp operating without a card you will get with it a bright future for the Internet of things

شريحة بلوتوث بحجم طابع البريد تعمل بدون بطارية ستحمل معها مُستقبل مُشرق لإنترنت الأشياء

Managed a start-up company under the name of the Wiliot in obtaining initial funding of $ 30 million by a large group of investors, among them the “Amazon” and “Samsung” after that she managed the development of the first chip Bluetooth electronic work without the need for a battery or source of the size of a postage stamp small.

The company intends to chip-ultra-slim on radio waves, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and magnetic fields existing in the vicinity of the air around them to draw a trickle of energy is all what you need to send and receive data via Bluetooth.

But in fact, not only innovation revolutionary in that chip only on the fact that it can work without a power source physically connected by, but more important may be the ability of those slideshow e-contact sensors precise and data that sensors in the same way via Bluetooth and without having to card.

Need a prototype developed by Wiliot on sensors, heat sensors, pressure but the odds and broke down the available is limited. And uses proposed for that chip could be placed inside clothing to communicate with a smart in the future so that you can clothes and automatically choose the washing program. Can also be used inside the means of packaging on the foods so that you can refrigerators know what’s inside of the food including the expiry date of the product and its quantity and alerting the user that data without the need to review the product itself.

But those examples are just simple models of what can be done with that slide, if successful, produced in large quantities the cost is very low as an aspiring company, where you can also use these slides in many products and objects solid around us, but also in the image of the poster of smart shops and houses, to make all things smart, able to sense its surroundings and communicate with smart devices around them and to guide the user to a specific location or to provide him with specific information.

Video demonstration for initial surgery:

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