A Bloomberg report refers to the plans of Apple to advertise a paid service for iOS devices

Hold the Apple conference tomorrow, the 25th of March, for the official announcement about the launch of the two iPad devices, and also launch the second generation of the headset AirPods wireless, in a Bloomberg report last it was pointed out that Apple will have by the declaration of another new service to broadcast the games offer users subscription come support the organs of the iOS platform.


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With the announcements Apple associated with the new versions of the devices tomorrow, confirmed a report from Bloomberg that Apple will have a declaration of surprise when the new service to broadcast games on the iOS platform relies on subscriptions, as the report indicates that Apple had begun talks with some companies in the recent period to develop the service to broadcast the games.

It is expected that the service Apple new to broadcast games on the monthly contributions, where it is broadcast to a class of games paid user’s favorite, we were confirming a Bloomberg report that the service broadcast new games may be the focus of the announcement Apple coming tomorrow.

Recall that Apple is trying to more recently focus on the development of police services that rely on subscription or paid service, in the framework of the company’s efforts to achieve growth in the department back during the next period.


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