90 percent of cryptoprocta will be a loss. Sad analyst forecast

It seems that the stock market is starting to heat up. Bitcoin has stabilized and even shows a little growth, industry traders, in anticipation of the high season altcoins. However, there are fundamentally oriented cryptanalysts and traders who are not so optimistic. According to the trader under the name Wolf of Qtrade.io, the most cryptoprocta fail before investors will be able to celebrate the start of the next bullrun.

The expert also compared the investment in small cryptomeria venture capital investment and expressed confidence that 90 percent of cryptoprocta will be unprofitable. In his opinion, most investors do not even completely understand the balance of risk to potential benefits.

Many of them don’t even look at this ratio, and just throw money into everything.

In turn, the trader doesn’t trust small cryptomerias, which are often domestic start-UPS of several people of dubious competence.

Regardless of how these are funded small projects through ICO, remain, honest launch, reward developers self-financing and so on — in fact, these young start-UPS without any verification and experience on the technological part. Such projects have a very high bounce rate — fails 90 percent of them.

On the other hand, it is a gateway to investing in technology for small enthusiasts. If the traditional sector investment in, for example, Facebook was available only to a narrow circle of enterprises and individuals, the small CryptoStream is something else. Potentially they provide an opportunity to participate in technological progress even the most ordinary users of the Internet. More data look at cryptodata.

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