90% of users of Gmail do not apply two-step verification!




Think e-mail services of more Digital Services account, where the contained information and the possibility to penetrate a lot of things, but note that the vast majority of users don’t care about protecting their accounts well, especially through services such as two-step verification.

Revealed one of the engineers working at Google is that 90% of users of Gmail do not apply the advantage of two-step verification to protect their accounts.

Has emerged as a Software Engineer at Google Grzegorz Milka reason not to force Google users to apply two-step verification to protect accounts that, in order to facilitate the use of service where a lot of users may find it difficult to apply the water.

Where to Google if I forced users to apply additional security measures they will certainly lose more users to its service because they may find it tough if it was in their favor.

Provide Google service two-step verification for years the accounts of its users that can get the login code in many ways ranging from SMS and even generate random codes or adjust the USB key dedicated to it.


The 90% of users of Gmail do not apply two-step verification! Appeared first on the tech world.

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