9 smartphones that carry the properties of the world sees for the first time in 2018

Saw this year put up many of the phones characteristics of the world sees for the first time in smartphones, which came mostly in the phones high specifications to see the site of the most valued and adds to it features the largest.

1 – Vivo X20 Plus UD

Came phone Vivo X20 Plus UD as the first smartphone that carries a fingerprint sensor within the phone screen, and phone other of vivo holds the fingerprint sensor inside the screen of their.

2 – Huawei P20 Pro

The first smart phone carries a rear camera, 40 MP and 20 MP and 8 MP.

3 – Vivo Nex

The first smart phone carries a screen occupies the entire interface with the camera pop-up sensor fingerprint finger down the screen.

4 – Galaxy S9 Plus

Came phone Galaxy S9 Plus is the first smart phone girl camera changing, with the installation of a double image of the Visual OIS in Rear Camera Dual.

5 – Nokia 8 Sirocco

It is one of the most powerful Android phones running Android One in the world, and is the first in its class that works with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

6 – Asus ROG Phone

The first smart phone games raised its ASUS first in the world that has the AMOLED screen sense update 90 Hz.

7 – Energizer Power Max P16K Pro

Launch the phone Energizer Power Max P16K Pro at the International Conference for smart phones MWC 2018 is the first Smart Phone with a battery with a capacity of 16000 mAh non-removable.

8 – HTC Exodus

The first smartphone in the world that is running block-hungry Blockchain supports digital currencies such as bitcoin.

9 – SikurPhone

The first smart phone in the world comes with a portfolio of work of a digital compact, and his company Sikur Brazilian which says that anti-permeable.

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