9 Android games paid becoming free temporarily

Waiting in the store Google Play apps and games paid heavily funded, which makes its developer it free for a limited time, and today, our date with the best games available for free temporarily, knowing that the offer may be limited geographically.

Hitman Sniper

Play the role of a man seize the channel after the goals of basic and secondary during the 150 missions assigned to them, and you can live up of your weapons and your skills with the progress in tasks and accomplishments.

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Into the Void

In the context of science fiction, destroy the Earth, and take the human race into factions search for a new home, you can command one of four factions to build a fleet of space imposes his control on the universe. The game enjoy the story great, and you can treaty the game by choosing different faction each time, so enjoy each faction with different skills to help the task of search for a new home, what lead to a different gameplay experience endings all the time.

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SUBURBIA City Building Game

The game won the Mensa Mind Games prestigious, and is about to carry on the affairs of a small city for its development into a large city, by building residential and commercial areas, cities and industry, but not the decisions of random, resources are few and changing, the goal is to increase population growth is a complex challenge. The game allows competing players online, with the single player mode.

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A puzzle game, where you must click on all the buttons, but the button function according to the points and shapes; you include the puzzle in knowing the order in which you click the buttons.

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Mystic Guardian VIP

Game reincarnation roles, you can choose one of two main methods, each with a unique story and exposed the game to the needs of the many lead to the end of varying degrees, what makes the re-play and exploration of a new fun. What character would you choose? cheating on adventures in a fantasy world, there are 7 unique skills can be learned with time, and more than 150 skills can be used in the battles and in the face of some 60 main villain.

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Minesweeper, matching game Puzzle by the famous Game of the same name on the windows, lies the puzzle in the inference from the numbers shown on the number of Mines adjacent, to achieve the goal of development between the fields (clicking on buttons) without activating the mines.

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Mental Hospital III

In the atmosphere of the terrifying, your character explore the mental hospital where secret experiments, requires them to document everything on video, but the turn of events and become your life is in danger, then the priority is to escape from the hospital alive without the use of weapons and recording everything with the camera.

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Buff Knight Advanced

Fighting game type role-playing where you expect your potential combat power that you use, where the monsters and bosses within the 12 level, and in the level and assemble the gold and artifacts helps you to upgrade your weapon and your skills.

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Infinity Dungeon

Version ad-free game role-playing-alliance of the enemies using unique characters in their fighting ability, the game is simple and you can play with one hand − the free version of the game got over a million download and evaluation 4.2/5 from more than 50 thousand users.

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