8cx Snapdragon: Qualcomm introduced its most powerful processor for laptops

In the third day of the event Qualcomm Tech Summit Qualcomm presented the world’s first chipset for personal computers running Windows 10, made for 7-nm process technology. Novelty called Snapdragon 8cx became the largest “stone” companies with powerful graphics, highest performance and outstanding performance of autonomy, which it has been achieved through advanced production technology.

Snapdragon 8cx — not the first attempt by Qualcomm to enter the market of chipsets for personal computers. But, unlike the Snapdragon 850, which was only slightly more productive Snapdragon 845 and is not very suitable for operation under Windonws with Snapdragon 8cx things are quite different. Graphics processor Adreno 680, which features 8cx, is twice as powerful than its predecessor, providing the ability to simultaneously connect two external monitors with 4K resolution.

Features Snapdragon 8cx

Snapdragon 8cx is equipped with eight high-performance cores Kryo 495, 10 MB cache in the third level and coprocessor Hesagon 650, bringing ease of use-intensive tasks at a qualitatively new level.

Real performance trends comparable 15-watt processors. Thus, according to the manufacturer, Snapdragon 8cx, significantly more energy efficient than competing solutions, providing outstanding battery life. This indicator 8cx you can compare processor 7 watts, which equips the new Apple MacBook Air, but the product Qualcomm has a significantly smaller and does not require active cooling.

Perfect for laptops

With support for up to 16 GB of RAM LPDDR4x with high bandwidth NVMe solid-state drives providing incredible write speed Snapdragon 8cx has all chances to become an ideal solution for Windows-based laptops. And, given the deep involvement of Qualcomm in the development of cell solutions, there is every reason to believe that the decisions on the basis 8cx, will be equipped with built-in cellular modules that eliminate external USB modems.

Fast charging and USB 3.1

But this opportunity is not limited to Snapdragon 8cx. According to confirmed information, the chipset will support fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, USB 3.1 with transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps as well as compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana.

Another issue is the compatibility of the chosen Qualcomm architecture with desktop applications. According to the statements of Qualcomm, the company is working on optimizing ON from top designers and in the foreseeable future expects to support several dozen of the most popular in the user’s environment programs and games. Because of this, I hope to Qualcomm, for the end users switching between platforms will be as seamless.

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