8 technology companies under the guillotine human rights organizations in Europe

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8 شركات تقنية تحت مقصلة المنظمات الحقوقية في آوروبا8 technology companies under the guillotine human rights organizations in Europe.

Included the organization of new non-profit company, Apple and Amazon among the list of eight technology companies filed against them a complaint in Austria, based on the lack of commitment of those companies for the EU General Data Protection.

Included control, adopted by the new, headed by activist on privacy, Max Schrems, also Netflix Spotify and YouTube not selected through the request private data in the possession of those companies for the users.

Said web in a statement, ”I didn’t pick up any of the services“.

The system of the European General Data Protection, which was applied in May, users right of access to their data and information on the sources and recipients of data. Must have social networks on the consent of the Europeans in every time you want to use their data in new forms, including in advertising services that target specific groups.

In response to the complaint, said Amazon she created the page ”help with fertility“ show customers how they can manage their information on all of the platforms.

Said Amazon on Friday ”we’re making a commitment in respect of any request from the platform data to allow it to plug in to the data managed by Amazon“.

A spokeswoman for Spotify ”we are committed to implementing all laws and regulations, local and international, including consideration of the European General Data Protection, which we believe we committed to it fully“.

She said We, she’s made complaints to the Austrian authorities on behalf of the ten users. It will be on the regulatory body in Austria to work with their counterparts in the major institutions to serve the broadcast.

Said Shri ”a lot of services established systems mechanized to respond to access requests, but they mostly do not provide data that the user may get it even remotely… this leads to irregularities of the structure of the rights of users“.

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