8 steps to overcome the region’s problems in the iPhone

Use the phone alarm to wake up is one of the behaviors that is followed by many daily, but a lot of times it may occur some problems that lead to lack Ren home on time causing you to delay your appointments, and if you use an alarm clock phone for iPhone there are a number of reasons behind the lack of ringing it.

We will review the day highlights the reasons for non-alarm ringtone on iPhone, how to solve to the product sound good helps you to wake up every day.

1 – raising the voice of the organization:

8 خطوات للتغلب على مشاكل المنبه في هواتف آيفون

May many here to raise the volume using the buttons on the side of the phone, but this step will not help in raising the level of the sound of the house actually, because the iPhone allows you to control two completely different sets of sounds using these buttons, namely: the volume level of the ringing of the phone itself, the level of sound listening to music. This means that if the level of the Sound region you have a low or Silent remain the same until changed from the settings, as follows:

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  • Go to (Settings) Settings on the iPhone.
  • Click on the option (sound and touch) Sounds & Haptics, and under Ringer and Alerts; drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the product. Alarm will be triggered while you are away, so that you hear the audio level during a change.
  • There is also an option (change using the buttons) Change with Buttons, which you should disable it if you want to make sure that the volume level of the organization will never change, when you change the volume level of the system using the buttons.

2 – Restart your phone:

8 خطوات للتغلب على مشاكل المنبه في هواتف آيفون

Think restart feature is a common practice with hardware to fix minor problems, and you can do the same thing with the iPhone on your own, to solve the problem of lack of work.

There are two ways to restart the iPhone, you either press and hold the power button until you see the bar off, or press and hold the power button and button Volume Down Bottom for 10 seconds at least until the logo appears Apple, and depends which way you need to use it to style iPhone your.

3 – Choose a ring tone in the house with a loud voice:

اختيار نغمة رنين عالية

Look alarm tones in the iPhone are quieter than others, so if you have one of these tones, and low level alarm ringtone in spite of the set as we mentioned in the first step, change the tone.

You can change the ring tone product in the iPhone application (VI) Clock, by following the steps below:

  • Open the clock app, then press the tab home.
  • Click the plus sign (edit) in the top right, then choose the region that you want to change the ringing tone no,
  • Scroll to a photo and preview the ringtone, or click on None to choose from songs what suits you.

4 – check the settings of your time zone:

إعدادت الوقت

If you don’t believe the House votes on time; it may not be set to the correct time or daily setting, for example: if it is supposed to apply the product daily at 12:15 pm, and issued a ringing at this time yesterday, but it didn’t ring at the same time in the following days, it is likely that he did not control the choice of recurrence of resonance in the same time daily, and of these settings, follow these steps:

  • Open the clock application, then tap the TAB area at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Edit” in the top right.
  • Click on the product you want to edit, then go to the recurrence settings and make sure there’s a checkmark next to the days of the week, and then make the other changes.
  • Click on the (Save) Save.

5. turn off or change the sleep time:

8 خطوات للتغلب على مشاكل المنبه في هواتف آيفون

Using feature (bedtime) Bedtime, you can set the time period that you want to sleep in it every night, and will be administered by the “previous” task to remind you to go to sleep on time, will be the voice of the house when it’s time to wake up.

If you do feature sleep time on iPhone your, adjust the product at the time of waking up the same, it is not likely to ring any of them, and to avoid this, change the Times of the advantage of the sleep time or the time of normal rotation.

To access the Settings feature (bedtime) Bedtime on the iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the clock app, then click on the tab bedtime Bedtime.
  • In the top right, tap on the Options button Options, and select your settings, then click on “Done”.

6. use the application to clock one:

8 خطوات للتغلب على مشاكل المنبه في هواتف آيفون

If you have more than one application can be running the clock, you may encounter some problems, here you will have two options, either to apply the default port for the iPhone, or disable it and use another app.

However; be aware that the product applications of the third-party will not work efficiently apply the product to the default in the iPhone.

7 – disable Bluetooth, unplug the headphones:

إيقاف البلوتوث

May cause the devices connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, or headphones in the non-issuance of the alarm sound through the phone speakers, especially if your phone is faulty in the operating system, it tries to run the house through these devices if it is connected to it, while will not sound development.

Turn off Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • Go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the option (Bluetooth) Bluetooth, and disconnect anything connected to the headset.

8. update the operating system:

تحديث نظام التشغيل

May cause an old version of the operating system (iOS) in the occurrence of many problems, including problems in the application of the product, so you should update the operating system on the iPhone your to avoid it, by following these steps:

  • Go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the option (General) General.
  • Then click on the option (System Update) Software Update, or connect it to your computer and select it using iTunes. In both cases, make sure you are using the latest version .

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