8 minor differences between the Galaxy S9 and S8 didn’t notice her

You may not notice some of the differences between the phones Galaxy S9 and phones Galaxy S8, while others call it too many. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQkRAWUXvkI We can note the camera lens variable values, and for low light, along with slow motion “Super” at the rate of 360 frames per second in HD resolution, imaging 60 frames per second in 4K, and the repositioning of the reader footprint, tweeter, stereo as well as new processors are more efficient. But what about the minor improvements that are not observable such as “the first to embrace the camera Double in the series of Galaxy S” is? In this article, we will highlight them:

1 – bottle solid

Layer Gorilla Glass 5 used in the Galaxy S9 with a thickness greater than used Galaxy S8, which increases the hardness.

2 – The ratio of screen-to-body the best

Samsung confirmed that the lower extremities and has been minimized in the Galaxy S9, besides improving the Parties to the side slightly to give the user a comfortable grip, this may be seen from the small body of the S9 on S8, although they come with a screen identical in measurement.

3 – refine the best buttons physical

Became the side buttons in the Galaxy S9 enjoying the thickness of the largest re-positioning them up a bit so the user can narrow them down easily when using the phone with one hand compared to the mess S8.

4 – Metal Frame more Scratch resistant and shiny

Comes Galaxy S9 with a framework aluminum enhanced for better resistance to scratches, and to promote better durability against glass, as was the refinement of his energy glossy Stain Gloss even shiny appearance and with the appearance of the body.

5 – darkening of the monolithic facade

Samsung is they make the screen Galaxy S9 Dim even more official appearance with the parties in closed position.

6 – reader-pulse measures your blood pressure and your stress level

Enjoy the reader’s heartbeat in the Galaxy S9 with high precision, coupled with his support of blood pressure measurement and stress.

7 – a new style to apply the fact.

Style Landscape UI when activated converts icons based on mode Galaxy S9 is vertical or horizontal, which is useful when watching video and then forced back to the Home screen or apps to search for another application.

8 – voice processes new

Samsung has added 10 new categories for ring tones and sounds of the region in order to experience the sound of the best, covering a series of Hip-Hop music, R & B and pop.

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