8 free tools to get the most out of Twitter

For many, Twitter can be a place of fun, and even if there weren’t fun, you might need to use depending on your career, and in both cases, you can use the Manage your account a lot of the time and, fortunately, there is a set of free tools that you can use to make it more useful, we will review with you the best of these tools.

1. Use TweetDeck to schedule tweets

Use Twitter Tools - TweetDeck

You must first learn to use Twitter regularly is your key towards the growth of followers you have, but you might be busy and not have time to tweet every hour in the day, and in this current you can use the tool to TweetDeck on the web to schedule tweets in advance, and if you have used the old app for smartphones, you should know by now that the formal part of Twitter in the web app is new, and if you haven’t used before, it is easy to learn.

When you go to create a tweet using the icon of the feathers in the top right corner, type Twitter in the text box, and then you can post directly by clicking on the Twitter, or use a service to schedule tweets instead, which allows you to choose the date and time that you want it will be posted to Twitter automatically.

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2. Use IFTTT for the automatic transfer of your blog

It’s always good to post content you create, but it would be fun posting a tweet New every time you publish something on your blog, instead you can use IFTTT to automate the process, which allows you to automate the deployment across a wide range of services such as Tumblr blogs to WordPress and others, where IT Service Delivery Manager you will be publishing your posts on your blog automatically on Twitter.

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3. Use Twitter analytics to improve your tweets

Provided Twitter Performance Analysis built-in directly, if you want to find out which of your tweets are doing better or know how to follow you over time, you can use the analytics service Twitter, which lets you information such as your tweets main, the most important is what I mentioned, the total impressions your tweets, the bigger following you, and you can use this information to improve tweet your posts and make them more influential.

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4. Use RiteTag to find out the hashtags that you should use

Use Twitter Tools - RiteTag

Can be the hashtag of a complex task, but necessary to make people see your tweets, but it is not always clear any hashtags that you should use them, if you want to get a quick and easy way to get a hold on the hashtag of the appropriate try the tool RiteTag.

All you have to do is use the search function at the top left of the page to search for the topic of Twitter, then you’ll know you have the tool of the hashtag the most common relating to this topic.

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5. Use Pablo to create images shareable

Use Twitter Tools - Pablo

You think the pictures are a great way to share content, but perhaps don’t have enough time to learn the skills of Photoshop basic create your own images, and in this case you can use Pablo to create the image are to participate quickly and easily, where you can choose the background image and add any text you want and change the font and alignment, and now the image is ready to participate, and you can download them instantly on Twitter of the tool.

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6. Use The Hash to find out what is running the world currently

Use Twitter Tools - The Hash

You can see what is running the world on Twitter as soon as you look to the column of the hashtag on the left of the main page, but to get the experience more beautiful, try this tool, which shows an overview of elegant is available to change horizontally the most important news is shared on Twitter right now, and you can click on the hashtag to see a summary of the story, or share it directly on Twitter by using the share button.

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7. Use Trendsmap to see and local

Use Twitter Tools - Trendsmap

Sometimes, you need to know and famous now locally, this is what you offer this tool, which shows a map of the world with the best keywords are in every state, and you can click it to see the tweets using these words in addition to statistics about their use, there are tools for the visualization and alerts based on this and.

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8. The use of Who Tweeted It First to find out Twitter

The site displays the Twitter spread of the postback, sometimes people say by tweets from others posting on their own accounts, and this makes it almost impossible to find the original source tweet, and if you need to know who tweeted originally about something, it is difficult to find this information using the search tool built-in Twitter, and in this case you can use this tool to search the keyword or the link and you will be the first tweet is posted included this keyword or the link, and you can jump to them directly and share them on your account if you like.

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