8 features you should expect with your new purchase

ميزات يجب أن تتوفر بهاتفك الجديد قبل الشراء

Launches smartphone manufacturers new devices throughout the year which makes we have a large amount of different smartphones in the specifications and prices and that’s why when you buy a smart phone we’re at a loss there are phones with HD, but its screen is resistant to scratches and possesses an attractive design but does not provide storage space great or not to the specifications of your favorite and so, it is unfortunate that there are many users who fall in some mistakes when buying a smart phone where they ignore some of the specifications on the phone, That is why we will explore with you a range of aspects that you should think about before buying a smartphone because they provide significantly affect the experience of using your smart phone, and get to know those features.

1– layer Oleophobic

Regardless of how the screen resolution and the extent of its brightness, there are other details you should check out its always like if the phone’s screen with a layer of coating anti-type Oleophobic and Article think a thin layer of additional work to protect the screen of fat, and insight that come from contact with fingers of the phone, if the screen of the new phone does not contain that article or it’s of poor quality, Then it will lose its transparency and filled the screen with oil and grease in a matter of minutes while the phone will continue to work except that the screen will be a spot will become a series as it was the first time that’s why when you try to buy a new smartphone, make sure the paint layer additional to the network and ask an expert about the quality of that article that gives the appearance of each of the fingerprints and grease.

2– Gorilla Glass

In addition to the material Oleophobic treatment, you must make sure that the new phone has a screen with a layer of glass for protection, most smart phones rely on the Gorilla Glass of the well-known company Corning, the glass protection gorilla is considered an additional layer works to absorb shock and reduce the size of the impact when the phone falls and thus will not break the screen every time he slides the phone from your hands, so make sure that the new phone that you want to buy it contains the latest layer of Gorilla Glass by Corning to protect the screen.

3– the LCD or OLED

Popping OLED screens recently as a custom for cutting-edge and leading-at first glance will impress you. high precision, cheerful colors and bright lighting while those screens are great and expensive but that doesn’t mean it’s always better, there are many scenarios that make the LCD better than the OLED, for starters, are LCD screens brighter especially when you are using your phone in the outdoors, because those screens provides natural colors and true is more impressive screen compared to the OLED are known to have great contrast and black color precise with the brightness of the dim age of the default is short, so, We recommend you when you try to buy a new smartphone, choosing a display type based on your preferences and not on the basis of whichever is more expensive.

4– the type of storage space

Affecting internal storage space on each procedure you perform on your phone, while most buyers take a look at the size of the storage on the phone, but they miss something important which is the storage type which has the great effect on the performance, and determines the storage type of the extent of the response speed of applications in the writing and reading of data, characterized by the best smart phone SIM internal storage type UFS 2.1, but if you’re looking for a phone with a budget make sure it has a slide storage type eMMC 5.1 at least And you can access information about the quality of provided storage to the phone easily through the official product page or by visiting one of the web sites that provide information about the specifications of each phone.

5– preinstalled software

May be the announcement of the phone you want to buy it that he owns the newest software and applications, but it is not always like this might be just the trick to advertising undertaken by the manufacturer of the phone and that the company does not have a proven track record in theme updates, and ensures a positive record in the access of your phone for updates through the time without having to wait a lot, choose carefully manufacturers of smart phones which pose updates constantly.

6– the technique of HDR

Become cameras most smart phones are equipped with the HDR which the user can find it as an option during export, and those technical can modify the dynamic range when you capture any image where you choose the lighting and brightness in each scene is photographed by the camera of your smartphone and here comes the role of HDR which works to improve the photos are amazing and highlight detail no matter how the lighting conditions and darkness, so look out for that technology and it supports the phone you want to buy it or not.

7– the advantage of preventing the noise

What that smartphones become smarter and more capable, overlooked some of the basic features one is the microphone that is run during a phone call or a video or even record something the microphone to pick up all sounds surrounding the user and then processed cancellation and noise isolation the noise to the sound to the user in a clear and audible, although there are companies are adding this mic to the phones of their own but some unfortunately don’t add that feature, so I inquired about the availability of the microphone to the phone new, and they feature noise cancellation.

8– Fast shipping

Does not represent the fast charging feature these days because the majority of smart phones has become possessed those technical but what you should be looking for is whether fast charging technology on the phone can run a cable special manufacturer or can any cable normal activated, because the techniques of fast charging backup only works across the cable outlets and the company official, so if you lose the charger or cable your recommendation you should buy the original device, which usually cost you more amount than ordinary machine.

8 features you should expect with your new purchase

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