8 effective ways to find out what the surfs or watch the Son online

The theme “our children & technology” topics of the oppressed severely in our contemporary society, despite its importance and seriousness on the future of the next generation, however, efforts in which the weak and mostly individual volunteer, as digital content (especially Arab) does not rise to the required level, so either the parents or to be parents soon, we must be with the knowledge and know how to use and adapt the same technology to protect their children from its dangers.

Through the following lines, we will explore practical ways to monitor the use of the children of the Internet, the control is the first step that must be apply to the esophagus to it and check later, and in the folds of this article, we will explore software tools and applications, in addition to devices can be purchased to do tasks, some can be used free of charge and others require a monthly subscription or an annual VBS God start.

1. Use the feature “browsing history”

There is a useful feature available in modern browsers (like Google Chrome) is the possibility to know which sites have been visited, and by clicking the option (History) from the drop-down list, the biggest benefit is when you log in the browser Google Chrome on both devices with one account, for example, you used Your and your son uses another PC, no problem with that, you can figure out what relates to the Son through your device you are not of his device is.

The process -as we mentioned – by logging in to the browser, via a small icon located in the top bar (sing in), log in to the same account in more than one browser on multiple devices, then you will be able to access favorites and your browsing history and even the plugins (Extensions) from any device linked to the same account, can see which sites have been opened in all the devices connected to the same account.

2. Watch history in YouTube

If the goal is youtube specifically, you can use the property provided by the network to see the videos that I opened it earlier (watch history) which can be accessed by clicking on the option (History) of personal qualities, then again this property is linked to the account not the device, and what you should do is log in to your account (or custom Account Control) in the YouTube app that is used by your son, and will appears when you record video, which he opens.

“Watch history” on YouTube offers several useful features in this aspect, where you can learn the following information:

  • Learn the phrases that were searched in YouTube, regardless of you have been viewing or not.
  • Reading the comments that the owner of the account can write on others ‘ videos.

Those two properties allow for the father or mother to know the behavior of the Son via youtube deeper and more detailed.

3. The application of Screen Time

We wrote about this app earlier in the tech world, has been chosen as one of the best apps that lets parents talk to the child’s tablet or smartphone (works on Android and IOS), it is intended mainly for play time or use a tablet or a smartphone, also offers the feature of blocking, opening apps and motivation to do homework and chores by allowing the child to play more time, and finally knowledge property record browsing and searching in the internet.

Not only does the app control web browser only, but it monitors the use of all the applications in your tablet device or smartphone, and gives you a report using each application and how long you have been using, this is useful to avoid the use of the program other than the official browser, where there apps can be downloaded from the App Store provide the service of surfing the Internet or watching videos and upload them directly.

4. Programs and applications FlexiSPY

Although the subscription paid in the previous app only costs $ 40 per year, but it does not provide control professional and accurate location for all what is going on in the other device, it is application that focuses on weight control more than other goals, the program and the application of FlexiSPY is one of the alternatives of professional development on the associated phone (works on all devices and not smart phone only) and see everything going on inside it in detail, but in contrast the price of the monthly subscription in this service is a little High, where it costs$ 68 a month or$ 149 per year.

Not only does this service monitor which websites have been opened in your state, but know the details of what was inside (some) social networks, and conversations via instant messaging applications (Facebook – WhatsApp – Viber – Skype …etc.) as well as SMS that were sent and arrived to the device, in addition to detailed statistics about phone calls and the possibility to record calls and then listen to it, and a wide spectrum of features that can be explored through the page characteristics in the site. (You can browse the site in Arabic, via this link).

  • Can know the services of the competition for this service (and cheaper price) via the website of Spy Phone Review.

5. Program Revealer Keylogger

There’s another quality of the software running on the desktop in particular (and some come free of charge or by one free and one paid) these programs have only one copy can be installed on your son the same, there is no control remote, but software home monitoring your son (and taking screen shots, sometimes), and then saves them in a special register until you come in to see them, as some programs increase that you send report and photos to your email or raise them to your account in Dropbox.

Program Revealer Keylogger presents its basic properties free of charge (and which of them the recording of the text that I wrote and recorded sea and in the Internet) the paid version is offered the property filming the screen each period you specify and send the logs to you via e-mail or via Dropbox, you can watch this video which explains (in Arabic) this program.

There’s another program counter for the program (or may be better), the smooth interface and detailed view pages that have been opened by the date and time and other nurses, is a program (Best Free Keylogger), and you can also review other alternatives for this type of programs (surveillance) via (this link).


6. Software Net Nanny

There is special software to control the domestic partners in general, not only surveillance, but says the protection of your children and your family members from access to sites inappropriate and harmful to morality, package programs Net Nanny is one of the best programs working in this area.

Pack (net Nan) consists of programs for various devices, there are for Android as well as iPhone and windows and Mac, as they analyze pages in real-time and open or block content according to presets, not like other regular programs that depend on the addresses of pages prepared in advance, because the internet is changing and a lot of new content appears, (there is no information about the Arabic content and support the program does not) can be found on the promotional leaflet of the Arab their own to find out more, the prices are ranging between 48 and 78 dollars a year for the whole family (from 5 to 10 devices).

7. Programs Screen Teen

This can be considered the program’s biggest rivals software application (Screen Time) former, only that it increases it that supports hardware Windows also (next to Android and IOS) however, the previous program Featured more in respect to talk time to use and play, the prices are almost equal ($40 per year).

Program Screen Teen provides control and protect your kids from harmful websites and unwanted, it also provides protection also applications that don’t want to be used by your kids, you specify a list of such applications and the app does the rest and offers several other features including -what matters – is the recording of sites visited and recorded in the report to enable parents to view them.

8. Devices connected to your router

Another way, but it’s not software this time, which is a device that connects to the Router with a view to filter the sites or the management of connected devices in general and to identify times and sites of applications are available, examples of these devices:

  • Device (Circle) is a smart device can be connected wirelessly to the router in order to manage all devices of the family related to.
  • Device (Clean Router) is the intermediary device is a combination between the router and the rest of the devices, used for control and parental control.

Finally, there are programs and other tools specialized in parental control in general, the position PCmag review some, can also look at other tools like kidlogger or K9 Web Protection, and others.

Note: there is a quality of the apps didn’t look forward to it in this report, it is occurring to your son a special angle or a graphical interface, where some applications that have been identified already, and the child can get out of them (such as the application of Kids Zone and other applications), those applications are more suitable for small children, who didn’t enter the world of the internet after, either became at the age of ten or at the beginning of adolescence, you won’t fit those programs.

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