8 best apps that come pre-installed iPhone

Comes all iPhone Applications Apple, with stores in the App Store that you can find alternative apps that may be better developed by Apple, this is the most important:

1) Edison Email

Features high speed and its customizable options and Settings a lot, and most importantly is that the smartest and the best productivity of other applications, can messages do purchases that you have made about the amounts received and links, calendar appointments and more where the imposition of letters in the collections a sidebar.

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2) Google Calendar

Like the default calendar app from Apple can use the data from Google, facebook, and but it organizes the information and displays it in a better way, where the top section a whole month, and the lower section displays upcoming appointments, you can drag down to see the rest of upcoming appointments and clicking on the icon history up to return the day of the incident.

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3) Google Maps

It is true that the maps of the Apple TV is much improved since its launch but has not yet reached the quality of Google maps that displays the details more and more to find the destination; according to the collected traffic data from Android phones in the world after the processed boards were machine learning give you accurate information about traffic at any time.

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4) Evernote

You can create notes from pictures or text, and the Notes to remind him later or set the alarm on your own, you can organize notes in different ways, and the best of it if you raise the image of the documents on the app and the search feature works across files PDF this the documents, and that the application is synchronized across all the devices that use them, including phones and notebooks, tablets and desktop devices.

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5) Word

Application Pages enjoy the tools very much useful, but it is difficult for users of the iPhone to the old screen small to read the text or modifying it, then it is recommended to apply the Word of Microsoft that supports special modes for reading documents as it’s easy to add text, images and equations to it.

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6) Videoshop

Best of iMovie to compile the video one video and add filters, music and the integration of text, supports beautiful effects like the show fast and slow, and you can share the result on social networking sites directly from the app.

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7) PowerPoint

Instead of Keynote to display the slides and modify them, preferred to use the application PowerPoint of Microsoft did not add option to sync edits across devices, support for display of notes on a large screen for use in presentations, as can be noted, although the sound during the show via iPhone.

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8) Excel

Instead of Numbers, Excel is the best application to deal with the numbers, beside the feature of automatic synchronization across different devices, featuring a special keyboard to facilitate entering of numbers and symbols.

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