8 best anti-theft apps

Your smartphone is a very tasty morsel for thieves. And the more expensive you have a smartphone, the more it can attract the attention of unscrupulous people. Even with “mediocre” in all respects of the gadget you will not be safe, because your personal data is no less desirable part that would like to steal the attackers. Recently we told you about how to protect smartphone from thieves. And today let’s talk about specific applications that can protect your personal information.

It is worth to remind that even out of the box you have the phone has a native app called Find My Phone. However, as the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”, so let’s look at more interesting options.

This app is a great option if you don’t need complex bulky program. This protection system works in the background on the lock screen and regularly takes pictures with the front camera if someone tries to unlock the device by entering the wrong password. In addition, the app sends you a photo of the thief with the device’s location.

This app is designed for remote access to the smartphone. After you have downloaded the program and gave all the necessary permissions, you can control all the information of your phone from sending messages to access the images. The main reason why this application is extremely effective, in that it can function as a cellular data network, and in that case, if the only available Wi-Fi.

“Anti-theft” function of this app will allow you to track your phone’s location, launch lock mode and capture the criminal who tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge. One of the main advantages of this application is that it is the bonus provides comprehensive protection from viruses and malware.

This app will turn your phone into a real roaring siren alarm, which is triggered in different ways depending on the situation. When someone tries to unlock your phone, you will hear a loud, but short signal. And if the app detects a sim card is removed or unauthorized replacement, the phone will begin to roar like a police siren and the screen will flash until then, until you enter a special password.

McAfee offers a great combination of several functions. The program locks your device after 3 failed password attempts and makes the person who did it. McAfee also provides additional security by denying to uninstall the application. You can also remotely manage control your phone in case of theft and to keep track of where it is located.

This app offers protection to your device, which varies from remote access via the Internet and even via SMS to provide a custom automatic alerts using a tool called AutoTask. Cerberus also functions as an app for the safety of personal data and for content restrictions, if your smartphone is used by their children. In addition, you can track the movement of your child.

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