7,900$ price music player from Sony has a handle sound gold-plated

7,900$ ثمن مشغل موسيقى من سوني مزود بمقبض صوت مطلي بالذهب

Removed the company Sony curtain in the exhibition Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual, the latest version of the earphones, the series Signature Series namely, headphones, elegant, and exceeds a price tag of$ 1,700, he also revealed the digital music player DMP-Z1 at the price of massive $ 7882$.

Supports music player DMP-Z1 all music formats high-resolution, and offers property cool “audiophile”, headphone amp, plus a tablet for health-plated, to ensure the fineness of the absolute sound, and where to weld the disc contains gold to enhance the flow of transmission.

Features of the operator in several specifications, including processor Vinyl, which adds warmth to sounds digital. And can Wizard Sony DSEE HX reconstruction of the sounds, whether of human voices or musical instruments that were lost during the process of digital compression.

And internal storage space for the 256 GB, and also contains the outlet of the two separate to provide him with a MicroSD. Can be connected to a computer via a USB Cable Type C, and as for the battery, it lasts for more than 10 hours, in the case of listening at a lower resolution, and 9 hours in high resolution.

Is available music player headphones ear the luxury of a Sony exclusive in the markets of East Asia currently.

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