75% of phones Google Pixel works now issue Android (Pie) new

75% من هواتف جوجل بيكسل تعمل الأن باصدار الاندرويد (Pie) الجديد
75% of phones Google Pixel works now issue Android (Pie) new

75% of phones Google Pixel works now issue Android (Pie) new

Will remain the problem of slow update phones Android is (or problems) for the system open-source, for example from issue to issue Android Oreo, which was released in August of last year 2017, does not exist only on only 19% of phones devices tablet Android around the world currently.

Or about another version of Android, the Android 9, which was released in August 2018, Update and awkward, did not succeed in to exceed the proportion of 0.1% until the last number drawn from Google a few days ago.

But it looks different for Pixels …

In WoT:: Google officially reveal the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

According to the vice-president of first hardware at Google, Rick’s Auto, the story is completely different when it comes to pixels, and in response to the news that the iOS operating system 12 of the Apple TV has reached the rate of adoption of 50% across all iPhones and iPad since its launch less than a month ago, the detection Osterloh to the issuance of the Android Pie is currently installed on more than 75% of all devices Pixel the Android operating system .

Although the operating system iOS 12 took less than one month to reach 50%, the number of users who upgraded throughout the second month of release will be stopped dramatically, which means that the rate of a similar installation by 75% of the expected to share it by mid-November for the faith.

Sales of phones Pixel camera

The report of the Corporation IDC earlier this year, has confirmed that Google has sold 1.95 million smartphone pixels in 2016 and $ 3.9 million during 2017.

This puts the total number of phones pixels existing at 5.85 million without regard to the sales of the current year 2018, which is supposed to be higher.

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