7 years ago, Nokia went to the bottom. But why did this happen

Exactly seven years ago today, the company Samsung has passed the world’s first equipment manufacturer, Nokia, stood up in his place. By the time when the Finnish giant’s business only began to worsen, he’s already rules in consumer electronics for 14 years, as a world manufacturer of mobile phones number one. In those days, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Nokia phones were everywhere and almost everyone on the planet, witness in one way or another with the development of modern technology, it was like a Finnish phone. Unfortunately, with the advent of smartphones Nokia stumbled and went down.

By the end of the first quarter of 2012, Samsung was ahead of his rival on the global supply of smartphones, and now Nokia and continued to lag. At the end of his tenure, the company made several significant and almost fatal for her mistakes: Nokia has been focusing on developing its own mobile platform, Symbian, in the hope that it will be able to compete with the growing popularity of iOS and Android, and shortly thereafter signed an agreement with Microsoft to create the device for the other self-defeating mobile OSes, which was called Windows Phone.

And the cause of all these failures was not only in Nokia. At that time, as the Finnish giant was becoming harder to maintain its position as a world leader, its main rivals Apple and Samsung began to create some of his best products. Then Samsung is preparing to release Galaxy S3, which was held in the second quarter of 2012, an heir of his own, which is probably the first unique smartphone Galaxy S2. Meanwhile, Apple has added fuel to the fire, oblivious of the fire Nokia, releasing in 2011 its first smartphone with Retina display, iPhone 4.

Since then, Apple and Samsung if they fail, then only slightly. In General, Yes, a lot of noise caused bending almost invisible from iPhone 6 power and self-igniting flagship Galaxy Note 7, but it is forgiven. Company profits sank, several people were fired, a huge party devices were withdrawn, the press and consumers were buzzing, but it eventually was, if not forgotten, it’s just nice society. But why? Because even though the “shoals” Apple and Samsung continued to produce quality products which could not be said about Nokia.

In 2013, the mobile division of Nokia was bought by Microsoft, and although the latter has not turned back, the Finnish brand to its former glory, his death was still far from reality. In my opinion, things at Nokia over the years are on the mend – it works very slowly, but still happens. After the acquisition of the Nokia brand, the Finnish company Global HMD in 2016, the last produced and delivered to the stores more than 70 million mobile devices, and made ashamed of competitors who are updating for a long time or even longer to upgrade their smartphones, as Nokia did it with enviable regularity.

2018 was a watershed for the Global HMD, because a year earlier a small group of former employees of Nokia has come up with a plan to restore the position of the company and the return of her leadership in the world market, and a year later the Global HMD beginning to fulfill their promises and release a device that truly capture the spirit of former Nokia and drive customers in nostalgicheski to become loyal to the brand.

New Nokia products focused on everyday usability, and modern “stuffing” and speed Android One, which is updated regularly, as required by canons. Global HMD finally sees a path to success and produces a really good smart phones such as the Nokia 8.1, which can offer a great balance between price and performance. Along with this, the company achieved ninth place in the world for the supply of smartphones in the last year.

Many rightly believed that the best days of Nokia are numbered, but few could have imagined that almost pushed into Oblivion, the brand will begin to regain its position. I think it’s fair to say that it was a slow and steady rebound for the once popular brand that was all forgotten. As a former fan of the company, for me it is particularly interesting to observe how Nokia is trying to overcome the thorny path and again to declare itself to the whole world.

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