7 tools to help small businesses automate management tasks

Helped the automation tools of business to change the way they operate brands, as easy not to do more tasks at the lowest cost, in less time, best quality, these are some factors that small businesses need to consider, and continue in the market.

Gives automation tools small businesses – which are often able to respond to the new trends faster than its competitors – a competitive advantage to help them continue in the market.

The only problem is that most of the automation tools in the market is still geared towards medium and large companies, but not all, so we will review today the range of the most important tools to automate the business, which can be used by small businesses to save time, and manage tasks more efficiently.

The following are the 7 tools that help small businesses automate tasks:

1- ActiveCampaign:

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Think ActiveCampaign is more than just a platform to automate the functions of marketing, combining the features of the automation of Email Marketing, Operations, Sales, Customer Relationship Management CRM company from one place easily.

As this area lets you create custom models for all the emails, and get more clients easily, and track site performance by tracking the behavior of visitors, and compile contacts by geographical location, age, and behavior, using the tools of filtering are developed.

Integrated product with more than 250 service and applyto, such as: Shopify, وWordPress, the وZapier, and much more, making it one of the possible tools that help in improving the performance of tasks in small businesses.

2 – Precoro:

7 أدوات تساعد الشركات الصغيرة على أتمتة إدارة المهام

The platform includes a Precoro many features that help you automate and streamline the procurement cycle, starting from budget tracking, and guide approve purchase orders, and even the management of suppliers all in one place.

Users can also create customizable reports including: the consequences of spending, transfers, the allocation of cost centres automatically, which can be imported into the system management of the resources of the company’s ERP, as it allows you to home get notifications when excess oil, helping you avoid budget overruns.

This area lets you manage the operations of the company to clean them, follow them anywhere, from any device, so you don’t have to search in piles of papers to find what you need. It also helps you to reduce paperwork, and purchases not approved quickly.

3 – Deluxe Payroll:

For small businesses that operates a number of full-time employees, one of the greatest challenges is the management of the payroll, and at the same time; it is difficult for these companies at the outset the appointment of another employee working full time just to deal with payroll, this problem can be overcome through the use of one of the management software, automation of payroll, Payroll software.

Allows you Platform Deluxe Payroll costs provision the appointment of an administrator for the payroll, where they help you calculate staff salaries, reward, and deposit the salary directly into the bank accounts of employees, and help ensure that companies are compliant with tax, this of course will save you a good chunk of time to focus on other aspects of the work.

4 – Kissflow:

Think platform Kissflow of the most important tools to automate the management of business projects, where they help companies to create and modify workflow, requisitions, supplier management, contract management, processing invoices, etc.

In addition to that; integrate Kissflow also seamlessly with many of the tools, and other applications such as: Zapier, so you can use any other tool you think you need in your business along with Kissflow, so you will not encounter a problem related to securing data, or compatibility.

5 – Leadformly:

Small businesses need to automate the sales process, so you can deal with a larger volume of potential customers, and convert more of them into customers the fact, without the need to configure the sales team as a whole.

Help you Platform Leadformly to create pages LeadForms interactive help your website visitors achieve their goal, and then convert the largest percentage of visitors to potential customers.

It also allows you to divide the potential customers, the allocation of how to communicate with each client, send the right message to potential customers in a timely manner.

6 – Buffer:

If you want to build a presence for your company on social media, then you need to publishing regularly, especially when your followers are more active. But hard to deployment, management of campaigns on time, every time, this represents a particular challenge for small businesses, which may not include a dedicated team of marketing via social media.

Help you platform, Buffer in the automation of as much of the marketing efforts via social media, by allowing to schedule your posts on social media platforms different, and publish them automatically in a timely manner, thus reducing the proportion of manual labor, and availability of time consumer in this process, allowing you to focus on other tasks of high priority.

Moreover; you can use a Buffer to improve the performance of marketing campaigns, across social media platforms, which helps you in understanding what suits your audience, improve marketing strategy.

7 – FreshDesk:

The Department of customer service in any institution is the main interface representing the organization to customers, the customer service is bad is the biggest thing that hurt small businesses, because it already had the customer base is limited, so it is necessary to provide high customer service, including follow-up customer, their issues, and complaints, and processed in a timely manner.

Will help you Platform FreshDesk in the preparation of the system to remind the customer support, so you can manage the problem of every agent, or any complaint easily. You can also create responses to prior coordination on common questions, so you can provide relevant answers effectively, and quickly. Besides, you can save time by automating some repetitive actions.

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