7 things you should delete her from Facebook to keep your privacy


Click the world during the past few weeks on the company Facebook, after the crisis of leaking data 87 million users to buy “Cambridge Asia”, during the hearing the testimony of “Mark Zuckerberg” in front of Congress, said the head of Facebook more than once to data that is collected about users sharing their own on site, so if you want to enjoy a higher degree of privacy there are some things you should not share on Facebook.


Your birthday such as your name, address, and should not be shared with a large number of people, because through it you can easily access your bank account and other personal details.

The phone number

There are many bad scenarios that can happen to you when you put your phone number publicly on Facebook, at least ill get many annoying calls and messages and.

Some “friends”

See psychology professor at the University of Oxford “Robin Dunbar” that humans can maintain about 150 stable relationship, and found that owning a large number of friends is not good for Mental Health.

Photos of your kids

Ask Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute a good question on this subject recently, which is “what kind of information you want children to see it for themselves online at a later time?”, the She explained that the children will feel uncomfortable to see the images of them embarrassing in the future.

School your kids

The last thing you want is to give a chance to the perpetrators of sexual crimes know the whereabouts of your child and his school, where there are some criminals who can track The locations of their victims from the accounts of their parents on Facebook.

Your site

Watching the site continuously is very dangerous, to users and stop those that reveal a lot of data and personal details not to be disclosed to the public.

Time to leave and

When you travel you shouldn’t write it on Facebook, because that gives a signal to burglars that your home is available for.

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