7 things was will Knott 9 phone best

You Samsung to Note 9 targeting the “who wants the full experience” and you may think that at first glance, when you see the advanced S Pen to control the phone remotely, the size of the big battery which takes advantage of the cooling system with water, the advantages of the unique camera such as the lens smudge that tell you to clean the camera lens, as well as the control of artificial intelligence to identify the camera on the scene if you can’t identify it automatically in order to adjust the export settings according to the scene.

However, before we review Note 9 to the TIC voila, there is the advantages it can that the phone comes out to be closer to the ideal of excellence, namely:

Lower price

Instead of gifts pre-order ranging in value between 150$ and 300$, it was possible for Samsung to reduce the price 100$ to 200$.

Fingerprint screen

Even if the fingerprint reader built-in network of type “visual” and today phones Chinese slower than the traditional user benot 9, The can Samsung to adopt this reader two years ago, maybe it was to do and it when it comes to Note 9.

On each, the reader insight “voice” will come built a S10 if your health reports, which is supposed to be the same efficiency as the reader insight traditional.

You know on the face

No doubt that the fingerprint reader is more efficient in the processes of ratification, but the use of facial recognition in S9 was bad both in the processes of ratification of or being animated en Emoji or apps that need facial recognition feature, as we know didn’t come in Note 9 to recognize three-dimensional, which improves the functions mentioned significantly, but we hope to be improving the capabilities of face recognition two-dimensional at least.

Recall also that the recognition of three-dimensional on the face of the expected benefits coming with S10.

Camera third back

Not lessons work is always proof: pixel 2 XL, probably enjoy the Note 9 to the best setting for the camera Double phone thanks to open camera variable values to perform the lighting of the scene, but a third camera like the P20 Pro you will see the location of the optical zoom up to 5 times (instead of only twice) that allows to capture many details about yet, as well as greatly improve the photography in Night mode.

Recall that the leaks reported built camera background of the three phones S10 and iPhone 2019.

Assistant Google

I see that Baker won’t notice the capacity of assistant Google thanks difference big jobs, which is consistent day after day, there is no doubt that the integration assistant Google bnwt 9 best of bixby.

Cor a glass drinking 6

It was usually Samsung to be proactive to embrace new technology and new generations of components and gear, has come cor a glass drinking 6 improvements on the durability and make it work. of 15 free fall from a height of 1 meter, no doubt it’s better than cor a glass drinking 5 bnwt 9.

But let’s not worry about the screen protection the Samsung of the future, where he developed the company recently screen unbreakable.

Android Pie

Create Samsung of the defect of the battery is relatively small on the phones Note, We hope to see you stealing from the access system updates to its phones in general, especially as competitors are starting to speed up Android updates; and the coming of the Noto 9 Android Pie would be a welcome first step and probably one of the main selling points of the phone, but unfortunately comes Note 9 Android 8.1 oreo.

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