7 reasons make you think about buying a phone for OnePlus 7T instead of OnePlus 7T Pro

Announced the company (OnePlus) last Thursday on the phone (OnePlus 7T Pro), so after just two weeks of announcing a phone (OnePlus 7T), which differs slightly in design, and some specifications.

Features Phone OnePlus 7T that is available at a lower price of the phone OnePlus 7T Pro in spite of his support for many of the improvements on the camera, and, in addition to its support to provide rapid charging, where a phone OnePlus 7T at a starting price of $ 550, while the starting price Phone OnePlus 7T Pro from $ 750.

Despite this difference in price, but that model Pro is still cheaper than a lot of phones similar in the market. However; this does not mean you need to spend more money to get Model Pro, where the OnePlus 7T device great, is available at an affordable price.

The following are 7 reasons make you think about buying a OnePlus 7T instead of OnePlus 7T Pro:

1 – the price the least:

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Price is probably the biggest factor to take most of the people in mind during the purchase, and at this point wins the phone OnePlus 7T which starts at a price of 550 $ for the same internal storage of 128 GB, so you can save at least $ 200.

In these days, especially with the development of cloud storage services; do not need a lot of smartphone users to the internal storage capacity up to 512 GB on their phones, so the 128 GB are suitable for most users.

2 – the two phones work the same:

Working the phones processor (Snapdragon 855 Plus), a faster processor and works Android phones through the year 2019, where the frequency is higher, the Fit, performance, the best in graphics by 15%.

3 – camera system the three lenses are almost identical:

7 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء OnePlus 7T بدلًا من OnePlus 7T Pro

Featuring phones rear camera three lenses; basic: strictly 48 MP contain sensor IMX586 from Sony, the third: the 16-megapixel wide-angle up to 117 degrees, and the second to depict depth 12-megapixel phone OnePlus 7T, while the OnePlus 7T Pro say the accuracy of this camera is up to 8 Macs only.

Features Phone OnePlus 7T Pro that boasts a laser sensor to determine focus, lenses photography depth able to zoom 3X compared to the zoomed in 2X in the phone 7T, and at the same time you’ll find the accuracy of this lens in regular style the top of the model Pro as we mentioned above, which can help to offset the extent of the zoom at least.

4. the front camera is identical:

Needs two phones to the front camera itself, accurately 16-megapixel camera, which contains the sensor IMX471 from Sony, and the lens f/2.0, and supports HDR feature, and autofocus, recording video of 1080 pixels at the rate of ten per second.

The only difference between the two phones in terms of front camera, is that the front camera pop up in the OnePlus 7T Pro, while in the phone OnePlus 7T exist within a small bump the top of the screen.

5 – the screen is very close:

7 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء OnePlus 7T بدلًا من OnePlus 7T Pro

Comes phone OnePlus 7T Pro screen 6.67 inches accurately 3120 × 1440 pixel intensity 516 pixels as per inch, while the phone comes OnePlus 7T screen 6.55 inches and accurately to 2400 x 1080 pixels, the densities of 402 pixels per inch.

For the specification of the screen in every phone, you can’t determine the difference in clarity between them easily, and most importantly to the screen in the two phones support the refresh rate the same 90 hertz, which is the most important feature for lovers of games.

6. supports two phones fast charging technology:

Supports two phones fast charging technology (Warp Charge 30T) which is faster by 23% compared with (Warp Charge 30W) existing in the phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) which was launched by the company in the beginning of this year.

Technology allows you (Warp Charge 30T) battery model Pro that has up to 4085 Milli-amp/ hour by 68% in just half an hour, and charge the battery OnePlus 7T capacity of up to 3800 mAh/ hour and 70% within half an hour.

7. supports two phones interface OxygenOS 10:

7 أسباب تجعلك تفكر في شراء OnePlus 7T بدلًا من OnePlus 7T Pro

Supports both the two phones is the latest version of the UI on the OnePlus which is OxygenOS 10, which depends on the operating system Android 10 new.

Developed OnePlus the new version of the user interface to become performance everything faster and smoother, it also allows you to gestures of the development of the updated access to all applications, services and favorite with one click, and provide you a lot of customization options.

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