7 movements and a subtle user of the Apple Watch

There are many nurses that may reduce the level of the Apple Watch, although it is very useful to experience the best, and without a further lengthening of the, LeT’s start:

1) the notification and Control Center: drag from the top displays the notifications and the bottom of the Control Center displays, but inside the app does not work Drag only stand for a moment before the clouds, where just a draw will be shopping within the app.

2) Place iPhone My: if you click on the phone icon to the status check, the iPhone associated with the hour will sound, and if you click and hold will light up lighting scout to the delight of the search process on the device soon.

3) TV remote: if you have Apple TV, you can use the Apple Watch cream die after download the application Apple TV Remote app on iPhone.

4) show applications: show web applications where you can use the button to the side for training and research on the application it may be appropriate for some, but may be difficult to find an application, are advised to change the display of applications to the list in alphabetical order; you can it for lengthy in your home screen then choose the display type.

5) open lock computers Mac: if you own a computer the Mac from mid-2013 or newer, you can automatically open an hour the Apple TV, as an alternative method of password; activation of the privacy and security settings on the Mac, and the Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth, as well as activating the authentication of the workers, and you can see the requirements in detail from the instructions Apple.

6) prediction of Scrabble words: use the feature to scrabble to write long words may be stressed, so it is recommended to enter a few letters of the word, then rotate the profile button to view the word suggestions.

7) disable the controls music: turn the interface Apple Watch controls when you play songs and audio files on the iPhone, you can disable the feature from Settings > alarm display > autoplay audio applications.

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