7 awesome features coming to WhatsApp soon

It might upset some of the idea of the advent of the ads to the stories of the WhatsApp soon, but in turn, you will the most popular messaging app on some of the features that will have a positive impact on the experience of use as monitored by the position WABeta interested news app over the past few weeks.

1) Al dark

Or dark mode (Dark Mode), where the Black color is actually a color instead of white and light colors, next to the this theme from the comfort of the eye while using the phone at night, it can be long battery life by 60% on the phones screen Olid.

Monitoring the Dark Mode on the trial version to develop WhatsApp for both Android and iOS.

2) share account via a QR code

Like Snapchat into and others, you can generate a QR code with information your WhatsApp account, so that from the scans this code with a camera phone, it says to add your account as a contact.

3) conference calls for groups

A feature available on the iOS and monitor on the trial version for Android; and will be added to the connection icon top communities takes you to make a call with up to 3 members of the group on condition of their being overlaid at the point of contact.

4) Joint multiple files

Will allow this feature to share files (PDF or audio etc.) with two or more contacts, will also feature a thumbnail image of the message to sender before it sends.

5) full width in the notifications

A feature spotted on a copy of WhatsApp beta for iOS, will allow the user to see images and video directly from the notifications without the need to open the message on the app.

6) arrange contacts

This feature will arrange to view your contacts by interacting with them, this means if you are exchanging messages frequently with the user what will be the top of the contacts, and if you ignore the messages of another user with his appearance in the contact list.

7) add a contact within the app

Currently requires WhatsApp and add the number to the contact on your phone even communicate with him, unless you use a third-party application or tests Siri, but according to the beta version on iOS you can manually add contacts within the app soon.

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