7 apps and games for iPhone new and fun (April 2019)

Over the past month, has emerged a set of applications on iOS, What is new from what I got on a big update to expand its functionality, here’s the highlights of apps April 2019:

“10 apps and games for iPhone new and fun (March 2019)

The audio engine uses the vision and dialogue to improve the lighting in the photo opaque and therefore visible elements of the scene, thus greatly improves the results of night photography.

Game the arcade, the locked adventure alien Little always jump to bypass the consequences and defeat the enemies.

The application makes you browse the content available on entertainment services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to help you choose what you want to watch.

Application makes you to copy any text in any application, via the image capture screen, and then share them with the app and choose the language, including Arabic, to tell the app to recognize text and extract it.

Game new the sport of golf reflect the real game, featuring manner of payment of the balls that are affected by the wind and other factors, as you can challenge players from around the world.

The application helps you in assembling the screen images intelligently in a single image at length.

Application health depends on sound effects to help you in three things: focus and improve productivity, comfort and stress relief, and sleep; for each task don’t put special effects sound special.

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