7 alternatives to Air Drop for Android

Most of us today takes some of the technology that 10-15 years ago it seemed incredible, for granted. For example, users of devices from Apple quite successfully transmit data using Airdrop. It is fast, convenient and secure. However, not everyone knows that the adherents of Android have an alternative handy features. And not just one. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Airdrop allows you to share files between devices almost instantly. But the only problem is that it works only on Apple gadgets. The considered alternatives is able to operate on all available platforms, including iOS and macOS, but also Android and Windows.

This program is preloaded on many Lenovo devices on Android. But can be downloaded separately. SHAREit works, creating an access point (WiFi direct), and then transmits the file. In addition, have the ability to scan QR codes to send or receive files.

Zapya is a pretty popular application for transferring files. The app boasts ease and use and simplicity of interface. Zapya is running, creating a WiFi hotspot without Internet connection. A very handy feature is the ability to create a group, and to transfer files to all participants at once.

Xender in fact very similar to the previous 2 applications, including the ability to transfer files to the whole group at once. The program is quite pleasant to use. Perhaps that is not as popular as the two already considered.

Most of the applications in our list use WiFi to transfer files, but Send Anywhere is a bit different from them. It uses the file transfer Protocol P2P, meaning your files are sent over the Internet but without saving them on any server. Thus, you can send files not only people connected to your local WiFi, but any user. For example, your friends in another city.

Snap Share is developed by the same people that created a famous program like Clean Master. Like other apps, Snap Share can transfer photos, music, ringtones and even apps, e-books, documents, and so on.

This application differs in that it is open source. Thus by running through a web browser, the program can give the possibility to exchange data between systems running under Windows, macOS, Android and iOS in all possible combinations.

Instashare is another service for file transfer, which works without Internet connection. The user interface is quite simple and you can use Instashare to share files of any type without any restrictions. Fortunately, the app also works without a password for pairing.

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