65-inch 4K monitors on Nvidia BFGD will be incredibly expensive

In the beginning of this year, Nvidia introduced a platform called Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD). This is a huge 65-inch gaming monitor with 4K, HDR and a frame rate of 120 Hz.

As is the platform itself, Nvidia did not plan to produce such monitors. To produce them will be different companies, but differ between models will only design and frilly, while the basic parameters remain unchanged. We are rather in detail wrote about this model Acer, so you can get an idea about the platform in General.

At the time of the announcement the prices are not named, and to release such monitors had planned in the summer. Summer is running out, and monitors it’s not. It became known today that they are delayed. Now they plan to bring to market early next year.

In addition, it became known and the price. Are you ready? Monitors BFGD will cost 4000-5000 euros! Yes, they’re big, they’re cool and very unusual, but 5000 euros? I’m sure there will be buyers at this price, however their will clearly be a little.

How do you like the concept? Would have bought a 65-inch monitor?

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