6 tips to avoid the application of fake on the Google Play Store and App Store

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6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات المزيفة على متجر جوجل بلاي وآب ستور

Includes application stores for smart phones and huge numbers of native applications, but there are also hundreds of applications counterfeit and The Phantom that look at first glance like a apps original, so how do you discover apps counterfeit apps store Android Google Play Google Play or the Apple App Store App Store App Store is?

Containing our smart phones today, a huge amount of personal data that must be protected from programs and applications harmful, if you are lucky it may cause the application fakes to damage your phone only, and if not, it may cause the application fakes to destroy your own life, and generally it is relatively easy to avoid any application of the fakes, so here’s what you need to know and what you should be looking for when you install a new application on your phone.

1 – Be sure to download apps from official stores

6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات الوهمية على متاجر تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية

This is a simple procedure but it is important and must move to do, although the process of breaking protection of iOS iOS known as jailbreak Jailbreaking or work root rooting your phone which is running Android Android is tempting because you get a wider range of apps and features but in return you lose the security of your device.

You follow the formal assessment of all applications before they are made available to users on a large scale, after you make automatic scans and further reviews by real people scan the codes and applications, thus providing the first line of defense by my company to Google and Apple TV.

2 – be sure to read the comments and reviews of the users of the app before installing it

6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات الوهمية على متاجر تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية

Can be the harmful to create comments and reviews on App Store and make it look good. If you see only the comments that proclaim her love to comment without giving specific use cases and the evaluation gives a rating of five stars, think twice before installation, you can skip this step if you will be installing the application you know and trust already.

3 – be sure to read the app description carefully:

6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات الوهمية على متاجر تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية

The uniqueness of my company to Google and Apple TV to developers to provide a description sufficient to clear the functions of their applications as well as provide screen shots from within the application.

So read the app description carefully, as errors in grammar and punctuation considered a sure sign that this app is not a third-party content, and that applies to all applications as it is in websites, emails, in addition to the short description which doesn’t explain all the advantages of the application.

Usually application developers to counterfeit provide a vague description and add a few photos may be stolen or modified and deceptive most often they cannot explain the purpose of the application as they provide the contact info is wrong, and in some cases is take icon and photos of the original application and put it on the app fake to deceive users, so check all these points well.

4 – check the application name and developer name

6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات الوهمية على متاجر تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية

Suppose you are looking for a chat application, head to the App Store and Type Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger – you’ll see a long list of suggestions but there is one suggestion right between them, most of their applications not fake but its just designed for different things, I’ve developed a Facebook for yourself the many versions of the same application, and there may be some that create apps fake names similar to the original.

So you should always check the identity of the developer, is supposed to be this easy, where you will find the name of the developer listed is always down the name of the app directly, and in our example this will find the name of the developer is “Facebook, Inc” on the Apple App Store or the Google Store, of course stands out the big names, but you need to be more careful when downloading applications from developers you don’t know.

5 – be sure to check the website of the application developer

Not for application to the web site of its own, there are some applications that are programmed and developed by individual developers, but in the case if the inquiry web site, be sure to examine it thoroughly, so that the control of the website application will give you a clearer picture and can help you make the best decision, look for signs that this work is not the content such as spelling mistakes or bad English.

Of course you need to look for signs that indicate that a secure web site. Check for the presence of an SSL certificate which means the address is “HTTPS”, which indicates the presence of an encrypted connection between your device and the server of the developer. If you are using Google Chrome browser, it shows that Google trust the site.

6 – Check the number of users of the app

6 نصائح لتجنب التطبيقات الوهمية على متاجر تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية

Avoid applications that do not have only a few users, this may be the project is good and innovative, but if you don’t have the skills or time necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination in the app don’t bet on it, and go to the most popular apps with good evaluation.

To verify this, press on an app and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find what you need to know under the heading additional information Additional Information.

What can you do if you found a fake app?

You should report any application of the fakes you find in the app stores, and you can do it follow these steps:

If you are on the Google Play Store

  • Scroll to the bottom of the description
  • Click on the option to flag as Inappropriate Flag as inappropriate
  • You will be prompted to tell Google why you think that the application of fake

If you shop on Apple’s App Store, you’ll need to head to the page to report a problem and log in using your Apple ID


The gate Arab News Technical 6 tips to avoid the application of fake on the Google Play Store and App Store

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