6 tips for the safety of private user Android

Operating system Android about 2 million phone versions around the world, but it suffers from security flaws can expose our lives to danger after becoming the digital information is of great importance today, and this despite the efforts of Google competing to protect the system.

Anyway, there are instructions intuitive can follow that protects the user data from digital penetration by large:

1) sources of trusted applications

Many applications do not reach the stores in Google Play, some are for security reasons, you are advised to generally avoid installing apps from outside the App Store.

But it should be noted the app stores that come installed on Samsung phones, Huawei enjoys the same rate of security Google Play almost.

For third-party apps, What know files APK, it should be avoided as much as possible, but reliable sources for these applications are all from APK Mirror XDA Developers.

It should be noted that the application of Google Play also expose the user to malware, you are advised to check the reputation of the app and give permissions not required by his job, especially if the application is new.

And make sure the reputation of the app have access to the reputation of the developer, and the number of users; where he found that popular apps, with millions of the transfers, the less you know before virus than others.

2) use a virtual private network

You know VPN services, it is advised to use a specialized application on the job, where it says this application encrypts the internet connection when on a public network, it comes with tools to resist the virus.

Highlights of the paid VPN services offers its application PureVPN which allows a trial period for a week.. and can use the application as an alternative to free.

3) anti-virus program

Even if you stick to apps from Google Play and the use of virtual private networks, remains a showcase for malicious software which helps anti-virus applications in the reduction of damage detection in the fastest time.

Has been conducted to study recent found that most anti-virus applications fail to detect months of malware last year, and the success rate of months anti-virus applications to Google Play.

4) system updates

It’s recommended to avoid updates periodically-monthly, it is supposed to up the security patches for phones modern monthly, and provide these updates to block security holes newly discovered by the exploited on a large scale. And you can on any phone or tablet check the system updates by going to settings of your device and search for updates.

5) avoid connecting to open Wi-Fi

Used Wi-Fi networks open as bait for the implementation of cyber attacks, especially if the target user uses Android system is old, it can be a public network broker to store data that the user entered if it is connected, including credit card numbers and personal accounts.

6) avoid interaction with the ads

Enjoy the games a lot of ads, especially new games, will probably be advertising months are a way to spread malware, they are typically thinking with that ads takes you to sites you download malicious software in the background for the purpose of translation, which may explain your whole PC.

These were special instructions with the user of the Android platform, we also have access to the best apps of privacy and security Android and iPhone (2019).

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