6 the advantages of the system watchOS 6 will prove your amazement

Detected system update watchOS 6 in the conference of developers WWDC 2019, making the Apple Watch the Apple Watch is better and more independent than it was before. The following are six reasons that will make watchOS 6 really amazing.

Here’s a quick list of this features

I know of

Siri: web pages in search results to Siri.
Machine calculator: new feature built-in Calculator application, which is the possibility of calculating the value of the tax invoice.
Voice Memos: quickly record your thoughts by speaking to your watch.
Integration with computers Mac: agreed on the Face ID or Touch ID, and your identity and more on computers Mac.
App Store: the App Store the original on your wrist can download the app during development.
Fitness: you can share a richer view of your data and become old training.

Include other noteworthy improvements in watchOS 6 faces and customizations the new dynamic of power, and programming new applications for Health developers to infuse the music, apps, Voice Memos, new, and audio books, the calculator and other. Finally, supports Siri in watchOS 6 officially Shazam so you can select the songs that are running around you without install the Shazam application.

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